Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What have I signed up for?

Oh lordy what have I signed up for??? 12 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION that's what. So far it's not too hard. But did it have to start on one of the hottest weeks!!!

I am enjoying the recipes and eating different food. I never thought I would enjoy Chic Peas but I was very pleasantly surprised. I have a bit of work to go to convince Mark that the food is any good but I am working on it. I am also loving having a complete menu plan so I know exactly what I am eating when. Plus if there is a recipe that doesn't take your fancy (like mushroom sauce YUK) you can swap it with something else.

I was also a bit worried about portion sizes. Weighed my muesli out this morning and almost had a mini heart attack. 50grams.........................I even went back to the computer to check that I had written it down right. Then only 1/2 a cup of milk. OH LORDY! But then I was reminded by my helpful hubby to remember what the hypnotist said. So off I went with my bowl to eat my measly muesli. But I was almost at the end of the bowl when I realised I was full. AMAZEBALLS! These people actually DO know what they are talking about.

My Michelle Bridges DVDs arrive today so I am excited to give them a try tomorrow. I have been doing her workouts that she sends for the past 2 days.I have been getting up between 6 & 615am to get it done before the morning routine starts. I won't say before the kids are up because sometimes they are up before me.  So far so good. Tonight I am starting to feel the muscles in my legs and butt. Molly has started to imitate me doing the exercises and has her book out to write down what she has done.

Had grand plans to start doing extra fitness training today for hockey. But holey moley it was HOT! So no fitness tonight but will try again on Thursday afternoon. I have been going in to clean the school when Mark gets home at 5ish. It is still really hot and it is a great work out in itself. Will have to wear my HRM one day and see how many calories I burn.

I have weigh in for 12WBT tomorrow but will stick to my Saturday weigh in for here too. Gives me a little bit of an idea of how I am going half way through the week too. Who am I kidding I step on the scales every morning. I can't help it. It's an addiction. And one I have no plan to quit any time soon.

So have a great week. :)

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