Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tummy & butt flashing work out pants.

Yesterday I did my first Super Saturday Session work out. We got home from a kids birthday party at the pool and we had a few hours before we went to tennis so I told myself JFDI. It is one of the first time I was very glad that I live on a farm and no one can watch me exercise.

When I started all this I bought some new work out clothes. You know the lovely tight work out clothes that show all the lumps and bumps and I only bought because I knew no one would see me wearing them. (except for when I had to make a last minute trip to school on Friday morning when the bus failed to pick the kids up) I have been loving these new clothes and the pants were great they didn't fall down as I had found in the past they have rolled down over my hips and tummy whenever I have anything more the walking.

So I was all decked out had my work out plan written out, water bottle full, little 4yr old side kick, HRM on & I was ready to go. I had measured out my 200 metre run which I had to do between exercises. Up around the sheds and back. Off I went....

On my second run my pants started to feel a little lose and I have to pull them up twice while I was running. By my fourth run I was pulling them every couple of metres. By the end I was basically either running holding them up or I was showing far more flesh then anyone would want to see. Like I said I was so glad I live on a farm.

With all this pants wrangling and crack flashing I continued on and didn't stop to get changed which is what crossed my mind every time I was half way through my run. Molly asked me if I knew where to get an exercise belt for my exercise pants. Now there's an idea! I did struggle with some of the exercises as a lot of them were push up based and my shoulder is still not 100% . So I swapped a few with ab exercises.

My heart rate monitor got a fair work out too! By half way through my runs it was beeping it's little head off. Who needs an i pod or music to work out when I was working out to my own little beeping rhythm. This time I didn't slow down though I just kept running. If you can call it running, it was more like a shuffle as I was trying to keep my pants from completely falling down.

By the end of the work out I was exhausted! But I was definitely on a bit of a high. Not only had I done my first SSS but I had done it in the middle of the day when I would normally be doing not much at all. I did have a bit of an audience and every now and then I would see hubby trying to hide a laugh as I came running back to the house either holding up my pants or with my belly hanging out.

So now my only problem is what to do with the pants! How hard would it be to invent an exercise pant belt I wonder???????

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  1. Not hard at all! Just sew on some belt loops and use a belt made out of something soft... don't know what. But I was thinking that a chunky buckle would only get in the way. Good onya Nikki! I still haven't done a proper SSS yet, we exercise on Sunday instead cos we have found that having a day off is NOT a good idea!