Sunday, 9 August 2015

The Scales Don't Lie!!! Binge Fest is OVER!!!!!

It's time to get real and stop making excuses and telling myself it's ok because I have been maintaining my weight.

What a load of crap Nicole!!!! (now you know I'm in trouble when I use my full name.

I have been telling myself I have been maintaining my weight for the past 12 months. I feel ok because I haven't put on that much weight. Just a couple of kilos.

Well..................This morning I jumped on the scales after a weekend that can only be described as a Binge Fest!!!! Basically the last few months have been a Binge Fest!! I have not had any self control when it comes to food. All those sneaky old habits have been sneaking back in.

So what did the scales say??


That's a whopping 9kg more then this time 2 years ago

A big 6kg more then before Christmas.

And 23kg off where I want to be!!!!

It is definitely the wake up call I needed. I have recently met a few people who have been following my progress on Facebook and Instagram. And I feel like I am a bit of a fake and phony as I am not what I was 2yrs ago. I also feel like all those who doubted me are rubbing their hands together saying "see I knew she couldn't keep it up"

So I am going to use all this as determination to AGAIN prove them all wrong!!

I started this morning with a workout. I am doing the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide. I started this once before but this time I am doing it with my Nanny. We have decided to do it together. I am looking forward to doing it together and having someone else to sweat with.

I'm not going to make any massive claims that I am going to lose 10kg in the next 6 weeks or anything like that I am just going to work out, watch what I eat and hopefully the weight will start to drop off.