Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Time to set some new goals.

Today I reached my second major milestone. I am 10.8 kg lighter. My first mini goal was to get to double figures. Which I did a few weeks ago. My next mini goal was to lose 10kg. So now to set some new mini goals.

With Easter this weekend I am a little concerned about stepping on the scales next week. But I am determined not to undo my hard work. We will be camping on Mum & Dad's new 'farm'. It will be a great family weekend and I will find a way to fit in exercise. I have even brought no name brand hunting eggs for the kids so I won't eat them. I usually buy the Cadbury flavoured ones. And I have told hubby I don't want an egg this year.

My first mini goal is to get back to my pre Bugalugs weight which is 2kg away. I hope to do that in the next couple of weeks. My next major mini goal is to get under 90kg. I am 95.8 as of this morning. I want to reach this goal by the end of 12WBT round 1. I have 5 more weeks to do this.

I really feel like I have hit my stride in the last couple of weeks. I am not totally obsessing about food anymore and it is actually getting easier. Don't get me wrong there are days when all I want to do is eat. Not just eat but eat the fatty, horrible comfort food which a part of me still loves. But I am really starting to make smarter choices without feeling like I am missing out or depriving myself.

Last night was a perfect example. I came home from hockey training and hubby had made a lasagne. (he loves to cook) My heart almost dropped as I love lasagne especially on a cold night. But I used my self control and had a small piece that was at least half of what I would normally have. I was completely satisfied with this. I savoured every bite and thoroughly enjoyed it with out stuffing myself and feeling like crap afterwards.

So I am learning slowly. And this is normally where I fall down I hit the 10kg mark and think I have done such a great job this extra bit of junk food will be ok. So these new mini goals are a way to help keep me on track. I am feeling great and can only imagine how great I will feel when I can get into a size 16.

I also want to say again. Thank you everyone for the fantastic support. I love getting your messages of support and I honestly don't think I could keep it up if I didn't have all of you to be accountable to. So THANK YOU! And feel free to give me a kick up the bum if you think I need it.

So here are the stats for so far
Start weight 106.6kg
12WBT Start weight 103.1kg
12WBT loss 7.3kg
Total Loss 10.8kg
Current weight 95.8kg
I have another bottle of Moet ready for my next 10kg.
So 9.2kg till that next bottle.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A weekend of Temptations.

A weekend away usually means disaster for me and the scales. As much as I try to be good I find myself saying "You've been so good and little bit of naughty food won't hurt". However this weekend I changed my little voice in my head to say "No don't undo all your hard work. You have worked so hard don't undo it in one weekend".

We had a pretty full on weekend we left our home at about 5:30pm on Friday afternoon and got home at 10pm Sunday night. We had to call into the community BBQ on our way to Perth as Lochie (6) couldn't possibly miss out on seeing his friends who he had seen at school all day. We weren't staying for the BBQ so we all had something quick to eat before we left home. I had tuna on rice crackers. Kids had hot dogs. We got to Perth about 9:30pm which would usually mean we would call into Hungry Jacks or KFC on our way to my sisters. But this time we just kept driving.

Saturday morning I headed to the park next to my sisters house for a work out. My plan was to do the same work out we have been doing at hockey training. I had a little companion who only lasted the warm up lap and a couple of runs. I did our first running work out which involves running & walking and definitely gets my HRM beeping away. After that we usually do circuit work and running. The grass at the park was wet so I sent my little helper to get me a towel. He came back with a hand towel. I don't think I have lost that much weight that a hand towel will stop me getting wet when I try and do sit ups. So I did some squats and a plank for 45sec then ran across the oval. I was 25min into the work out and thinking about giving up. So I walked a lap of the oval and talked to myself. I decided that I would do the running work out again and then call it a day. Oh my lord!!! It was definitely a work out. My shirt was so wet from sweat I think I was carrying an extra couple of kilos! I finished the work out walking 3 laps around the park. End result 600+ calories burnt before 8:30am Saturday morning!

The weekend was full of temptation. Mark got a bucket of hot chips and they were perfect! I had about 6 of them but could easily have eaten the whole bucket! I had a chicken wrap for lunch Saturday & steak & salad for tea that night. Whilst out shopping on Saturday afternoon I treated the kids to an ice cream. I was very tempted to have a massive choc dipped waffle cone ice cream. Instead I had one scoop of sorbet in a cup. And it was delicious!!!

Sunday we didn't end up leaving Perth until 5:30pm and decided to call into Hungry Jacks to get them some tea. Hoping they would eat and then sleep all the way home. Temptation avoided again. We then stopped at the roadhouse to fuel up and Mark wanted something to eat. I was also hungry so I looked around for a healthy option although the fried hot food was looking very nice. I found some fruit salad in the fridge. I thought I had hit a winner but I should have taken it as a sign when the lady couldn't find the price for it. I was super excited at my healthy choice until I tried to put my fork into the watermelon. It was rubbery! Not fresh and crisp. Then tried the rockmelon. Same result. So no fruit salad, no fried food, nothing to eat until we got to Mum's for dinner. And I survived so clearly I wasn't that hungry after all.

So end result of my weekend full of temptation is that for the first time EVER I came home from a weekend in Perth having not put on weight!!! I am 1.1kg from losing 10kg and I am determined to get there sooner rather then later. It would be great to drink my bottle of Moet this weekend whilst camping on mum & dad's new farm.

Oh and on the topic of my mum. She has lost 11kg! I am so proud of her. She has struggled with her weight for a long time and I am so happy that she is finally getting the results.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Just call me 'Mrs Cranky Pants'

So have been a bit quiet on here this week. Not too sure why. Actually it has been a busy week but like most people with kids that is just a part of life. We actually had a weekend where all we had on was Tennis Saturday afternoon and that was it. Sunday was spent at home having some great family time. Which may or may not have included Mark and I jumping on the trampoline whilst all the kids were inside and we were meant to be hanging washing out.

I haven't exercised since hockey training Thursday evening. I have no excuse except I haven't made myself get out of bed. I need to fix this this week as this is a trap I have fallen into in the past. I will run etc in the lead up to hockey and then once training starts I stop doing to extra hard work. So no more! Tomorrow morning I will get up when I wake up. Which is usually about 6 and get my butt out of bed to go for a run. I am making this promise to all you.

I have been Mrs Cranky Pants this week. It started on Sunday morning for some reason I woke up cranky. After heading into work and spending a few hours cleaning. I felt much better. (remember we did jump on the trampoline without kids something Mrs Cranky Pants would never do) The fact that I came home to a lovely clean house helped a lot. Have I mentioned lately that I have a fantastic hubby?? But like I said I hadn't done any exercise since Thursday. Today I was particularly cranky. No real reason. I got home late last night from a meeting and went to bed with a million thoughts running through my head.

I went to hockey training tonight and I burnt over 500 calories. My heart rate got up to 181. And I had a great time. It was hard work and I tried to push myself as much as I could. On my way home   I was feeling fantastic. Not the usual feeling for me coming home from pre season! Normally I am exhausted which I was today but I also felt great at the same time. So on the 20km drive home I gave myself a little pep talk.

"See Nikki AKA Mrs Cranky Pants! This is why you have been cranky you had 4 days of no exercise. Think, Mrs Cranky Pants about how you are feeling now imagine if you started the day like this. How much nicer would I be to not just my household but the world? Seriously pull your finger out and get up in the morning to go for a run!" It didn't take me 20 minutes to say that but about 19 to realise it and 1 to say it.

I was putting it down to the fact that this week is a very busy week for us. (well me) (It doesn't help that hubby decides that we are going to head to Perth Friday night after a community BBQ rather then Saturday morning.) But really the real reason is that I have been nowhere near active enough. This is the first time I have noticed the influence exercise has had on me other then the kilos disappearing on the scales. I have realised what a massive impact it has on my mood. I don't know if it's the exercise itself or getting a chance to get out of the house and get about 45 minutes to myself at the start of the day. A way to gather my thoughts.

So tomorrow morning at 6 I will be out of bed and on the road by 6:10am. Home by 7am dripping in sweat with a smile on my face and ready to face the massive day our Wednesdays always are. Or I will be staggering up the hill hoping that Mark will realise I have been gone too long and come looking for me.  Either way I am sure I will have left Mrs Cranky Pants somewhere down the paddock. And hopefully an eagle will come along and take her far far away.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

FFS Friday


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So here is what has had me saying FFS this week

Went through my diary for the next few weeks. No time to scratch myself let alone get on top of the house work. FFS

Quit my job No FFS

Will miss the girls at work and being in the kids classroom everyday FFS

Started pre season hockey training, Was feeling really positive until after the warm up laps. FFS

By Thursday morning could hardly walk FFS

Lochie (6) came to me after running around waiting for his sister to finish dancing tells me his tooth has fallen out. Had no idea he had a wobbly tooth. It looked to small to be his tooth. Turns out it was a bit of a peanut from something he had been eating. FFS

Missed playgroup on Tuesday morning as it would have meant 3 trips to town and back totaling 120km. FFS

Living so far out of town has it's disadvantages FFS

Worked out why I am quitting my job when trying to clean the Art room with a toddler.FFS

Never mind trying to mop the floor and keep her off the wet parts. FFS

Kids have swimming carnival on Thursday I realise on Wednesday they don't have a red shirt. Both in Red faction so I buy them the faction top from town. Cost a small fortune FFS

Woke up Thursday morning to thunder storms & rain. FFS

Didn't know what was happening so got kids into swimming clothes & sports uniform. Only to get a phone call to say it was cancelled FFS

Was halfway through getting lunches sorted for carnival when phone call came (always do something different and special for carnivals) FFS

Had to explain to kids they couldn't wear there new faction shirt and they had to get changed FFS

Then run around like idiots to do their reading which we hadn't done the night before because they weren't meant to be at school Thursday FFS

Had the usual run around trying to find library books only to work out they had changed library to Friday FFS

Survived second hockey training of the week No FFS

Finally trying to get some washing & housework done No FFS

Trying to do housework with a toddler FFS

Kids have actually kept their toy room tidy for a whole week No FFS It has taken lots of encouragement and a bit of yelling FFS

Off to my first book club tonight. A night once a month kid free and to socialise with adults that doesn't involve running around like an idiot. No FFS

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Why I was proud of myself last night

If you follow my facebook page you will know that last night we had our first pre season hockey training. This is normally an evening that I dread! Even last night although I have been training for 5 weeks. I was still nervous.

In previous years I have always come last in all our running activities. Then not been able to walk for a week. Only to do it all again just as I was starting to feel better. I would love to say that it got easier as the season went on and it probably did to a degree but I was still always last.

Last night started with running 2 laps of the hockey field. No worries I thought. I ran 1km yesterday I thought. This will be fine I thought. Oh how wrong I was. At the end of the 2 laps I was at the back of the back and I was a little disheartened. In my head I was saying "all these week or exercises for what???"

Then came our next 'activity' here's what we had to do
5x running to the end of the field and walking back
4x running to 3/4 of the field and walking back
3x running to 1/2 way then walking back
2x running to 1/4 way then walking back.

I was actually happy about doing this until I had done the first 2 runs to the end of the field. Then I was not so keen. My HRM starting beeping at me and I had to keep talking to myself saying only 3 more up here, then not as far to run next time. By the time I was half way through I was actually enjoying pushing myself. And I finished in the middle of everyone. So not last! This gave me renewed energy. I enjoyed the rest of training and really feel like I pushed myself.

It was also an added bonus that I got some great comments on how I did and how I look. Always a great inspiration to keep going. I will keep the training up so that I improve through the season. Not slacken off because I think that the one or two hockey trainings a week are enough.

I also had weigh in this morning and it was great another 1.1kg gone. A few weeks ago I talked about my addiction to weighing myself. Well this week it worked in my favour. Over the weekend I thought I was doing great and that a bit of extra naughty foods would be ok. But stepping on the scales Monday morning brought me back to reality. So I pulled my socks up got back on track no more sneaky naughty snacks. And it paid off.

I really feel like I am in a great rhythm at the moment and it does feel like I am not on a diet just changing the way I think about food and exercise. I almost don't really even think about it anymore. I say almost as there are still days when all I want to do is eat and mornings when I can't get out of bed. But it is definitely getting easier.

So here are my stats
Weekly loss 1.1kg
12WBT loss 4.8
Total Loss 8.3
1.7kg till Moet!!!!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Learning to say NO!

Now in our household NO is a very common word. Especially for my toddler but she doesn't just say it she yells it at a very high pitch which even the dog responds to. The 2 older kids don't tend to use it so much they are more fans on just ignoring something you tell them or ask them to do. So rather then saying no they just pretend not to hear you. I thought this wouldn't start until they were much older. Oh how wrong I was.

I am learning to say no. I can do it. Actually I do it quite a bit,

"Can we sleep in the lounge room?"  "No"
"Can we stay up late?" "No"
"Can I stay home from School?" "No"
"Can I have fairy bread for lunch"  "No"

And of course when hubby rolls over at night and tries to cuddle up - NOOOO!!!

But this year I am learning to say no to activities that take time away from my family. I am one of those people that can't help but be involved in most things. Some would call it being a control freak. But I blame genetics (again). If you ask my Mum I am just like my Dad who can't help but get involved in any club he is a part of. There is no just rocking up to play the game or train and then leave. No we have to be involved in the running of the club. Which I have to say I love and I do find it hard to say no. Only a couple of weeks ago when at a meeting discussing an upcoming hockey carnival it was decided there would be one person from each club on a sub committee. I straight away said our club president. "I'll do it" She did look at me like I was an idiot but I can't help it. I am my Dad's daughter after all!

However the kids are getting older and involved in more after school activities which is great. And given that they have such limited choices out here we want them to make the most of the opportunities there are. So my term 2 was looking very full. Lochie wants to do Auskick which is Tuesday afternoons, Molly will have dancing on Wednesdays, I have hockey training Tuesdays & Thursdays and to add to all this seeding will be in full swing for about 4 weeks. Which means me being a single mum for that time. So looking at all this plus my work which is cleaning at the school everyday for about 11/2 to 2hrs. Something had to give.

So yesterday I made the call and quit my job. It was the main thing that would take the pressure off. I will stay with it until the end of term but I feel a huge sense of relief after making the decision. I will miss the interaction with the staff and being able to be in the kids classroom everyday. But this is one of the first times I had to make the decision to say no to something that I really enjoy but I know it is better for everyone.

If I had of kept going I wouldn't have done any of my 'jobs' well. The school job would have suffered but more importantly my family life would have suffered as I would have been a very cranky mum who said NO a lot more, probably at a much higher pitch then normal. And No wouldn't have been the only word I would be using.

Hubby is very happy with this decision as he doesn't quite understand my need to be involved. Every time I come home from a meeting he asks me what job I have taken on. I have come home from 2 AGM's this year and happily told him I don't have any jobs this year. I am still secretary of the hockey club but he knew that was going to be the case.

So I will enjoy the last few weeks of work knowing that next term will be a little less stressful and it's on thing off my list of 'jobs'.

Friday, 8 March 2013

I can run just not around in circles.

Let me start this by saying I hate dislike running! I have never been a runner. I will run on the sporting field. Well I try to anyway. But to just run for the sake of it has NEVER been my thing. I can never run a lap of the oval. I get to about 20 metres to go and I stop and walk. I could possibly jog all the way around.

I haven't done much exercise for the last week and a half. Why? Because ....Well..... I could give you a million excuses like Mark has been leaving the house before 6am so I can't go in the morning.  I could get up and do a dvd then but no. Basically there is no excuse. I just didn't fricken do it!!!

I did go down to the oval on Tuesday evening and do a work out. Which involved running and exercises. I did a bit on the hockey oval running the length of the field up and back then doing a set of sit up, squats etc. Then I moved down to the footy oval. I couldn't even run a lap. Almost but not quite. I thought maybe it was because I hadn't done much exercise for a week. But this morning I think I proved it is just all in my head.

I headed off this morning to do my 1km time trial. I did it 4 weeks ago and it took me 8min 25sec. So off I set this morning. Only a few hicups like I had on my pants that fall down and now my bra strap also needs tightening but don't realise that until I had started running. So between holding up my pants and pushing my bra strap back up my arms also got a work out. I had a plan to try and run for 2km and just time the first km. The lovely people at either the shire or main roads have marked every 2km on our road. On my home Thursday I worked out where half way was. Some lovely person left a big skid mark right at that spot.

I did my first 1km in 6min 10sec. I was pretty proud of that and was almost sick when I stopped. So I walk the next km. Got my breathe back, then turned around and ran 1km. This time I did it in 5min 45sec. Smashed it! So I spent the 1+km walk home trying to work out how it is I can run a km reasonably ok. But I can't run a lap of the footy oval???

Now I know that it is all in my head. There are lots of things that roll around in my head. Lets face it there is a bit of room up there. But I am determined that this is something that I am going to over come. If only I could run with a blind fold on so I wouldn't know when I am coming to the end of a lap.

Any tips for over coming this??????

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Weekly weigh in, work life balance & housework.

So around came Wednesday Weigh In. As you know I have a scales addiction so I knew that I was heading in the right direction. And I was stoked to get on there this morning and see another 1.2kg gone!

When I started this I said I wasn't feeling brave enough to share my actual weight. I'm still not too sure I am but here goes nothing. I hit a big milestone this week and I am really stoked about it so I want to share. I am under 100kg! First time in 2 years. I was around 95kg when I fell pregnant with Bugalugs. That is the smallest I had been since I was about 17. That is my next mini goal to get to my pre 3rd pregnancy weight.

I have been struggling with the whole work/life balance this week. I do enjoy my work. Not so much the cleaning part but the pay day & socialising parts are great. However it is taking it's toll. Amelia is going through a stage of if I am out of her sight she freaks out and gets clingy. Also the older kids have reach the age of doing after school sports and activities. Which is great except that none of them are in our town. Which means a lot of running around for me which I don't mind but something has to give. I can see that once winter hits and you throw in seeding and my hockey & golf life is going to become very stressful.

To add to all this I am not the best housekeeper in the world. I blame genetics! And anyone who knows my family well will agree with me. I know my sisters will anyway. My house is pretty huge so I am really lucky that we have lots of space but it is a catch 22. Lots of space to me just means more crap. And no storage means nowhere to hide the crap! I don't even have a linen cupboard. we have been here 3 years and I am slowly working on it but it seems the whole house is never tidy at the same time. Normally it is the main living areas that are tidy and the bedrooms & hall look like a bomb has gone off. But thanks to mum's help on the weekend the bedrooms & hall are now ok just the rest of the house needs work.

I guess it is lucky we live on a farm as people don't tend to call in. They at least ring before hand so I have a little bit of warning. However maybe if I lived somewhere that people do just pop in I would be more inspired to keep the house tidier. All I can say is I can't wait for next week when the dishwasher is installed!!!!

So I am on a mission to get more organised with meals & housework before the chaos of winter starts. I am determined that the kids aren't going to miss out on sports & things just because it requires a bit of travel and more organisation from me.

Here are my stats for this week,
Weekly loss 1.2kg    
Total 12WBT 3.7kg  5cm off my waist & 3.5cm off my hips
Total Loss 7.2kg
Only 2.8kg till I can pop the cork on my bottle of Moet!!!!!

Monday, 4 March 2013

Kick up the bum or Inspire It's all the same thing really

I am now almost 2 months into this life change and I am loving it. In a week this blog will be 2 months old. In the past 2 months I have been inspired by some great people in the 'virtual' world and friends & family.

I have even had a few people tell me that I have inspired them. Some say given them a kick up the bum. But inspire sounds better.

Out of the blue on Saturday whilst I was out at a Rodeo for the day with my family I got a message that one of my facebook friends had put a message on my wall. Of course as patients is not something I have I had to check it out.

There was a message from a friend who I have rediscovered since the joys of facebook. She is someone I went to primary school & part of high school with. I haven't seen her for 19years! Yet here she is sending me messages that to be honest brought a tear to my eye. I was truly touched. Little does she know (until she reads this) that she inspires me. I love reading her updates and her enthusiasm for life. I live vicariously through her. She works FIFO, is single, knows how to have a great time & looks fantastic doing it. I did have a little chuckle when I read her post the following day about having sore muscles and how it was all my fault.

I love that I can connect with so many people through this blog. I honestly don't think I would still be going if I didn't have the support. Even after a hockey meeting the other night I had a couple of girls told me I was doing great and to keep it up. These comments are what helps me to get out of bed early & not eat that chicken cheese sausage that was staring at me in the road house today.

I also have another person actually couple who inspire me. They are friends and my cousins, cousins (does that make sense?). Anyway I saw them at a wedding about 18months ago and they both looked fantastic. When I asked what they were doing she told me they had changed their lifestyle. They had moved to a coastal city and were more active with their 2 beautiful kids. Now when I read her facebook updates about going for a run & doing triathlons it inspires me.

This may be a bit mushy but I just wanted to do a post to say thanks for all the support so far. I am loving it and I truly appreciate it.

Here is the post from the FANTABULOUS Skye. We will definitely be catching up before the end of the year. Start to feel old when you say it's been 20 years since you have seen a friend.

Just wanted to say that I think your doing an amazing effort! I read your blogs and it makes me all warm and fuzzy! Much love to you xxx
Photo: Just wanted to say that I think your doing an amazing effort! I read your blogs and it makes me all warm and fuzzy! Much love to you Nikki McCuish xxx