Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Looking Forward/ Looking Back

Hey There...............remember me.............I know it's been a while.............a month to be exact!! What have you been upto??  I could spend this post telling you about my last month which included an AMAZING holiday with great friends, talking about the hockey games we have won & lost, telling you about the running I have been doing or the wonderful new recipes I have found.

But that is in the past and I am moving onwards and upwards as I start another round of 12WBT on Monday. So time to set some goals!!!!

36hrs Later..................

This post has been sitting here open for a day and a half as I was procrastinating putting my goals up here. I have done it a lot in the past and never really met them in the time frame I have set out. So I was feeling a little deflated.

Then I went on a run last night. Always a good way to clear the head. I felt crappy all day so was just going to do a little 3km run so that I could feel a little better. I decided to do my 1km time trial for this round of 12WBT. It was hard but I pushed myself and I SMASHED it. 4min 53sec!! I was shattered afterwards but decided to do a little detour on the way home and ran an extra km.

I was thinking of how far I am have come in the last 18months. Here are a few stats.

January 2013                                                  NOW
1km time trial 8min 25sec                                4min 53                 3min 32sec faster

Total body measurements 448.5cm                   398cm                   50.5cm lost (although don't think I was                                                                                                             measuring properly in the beginning)

Weight    106.6kg                                             85.6kg                  21kg REMOVED

Size 18/20                                                        14/16                   I was 18/20 in fat section now I'm 14/16                                                                                                     in normal section

Sometimes you have to look at how far you have come to see where to go to now!!!

So as far as goals for this round go..............
Of course I am still determined to hit the 80kg!!! I am also planning to run our local half marathon again at the end of September. So I will be training for that. I was just going to do the 10km run but I have decided why not. So I will be training for that. Along with the pointy end of the hockey season. I will try and blog more to keep me accountable and on track.

I am excited by the new recipes and option with this round and I am determined to make the last half of 2014 as great as the first half of 2013 was!!! Bring on summer and being comfortable in bathers!!!!