Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Can't help feeling a little disapointed

When I started this blog I said that I would be completely honest. And that is exactly what I am going to do. I know some of you are going to tell me to get over it and I have already had amazing support this morning which has changed my tune a little.

I had weigh in the morning and I had lost 900g. Which is great and any loss is weight that is gone and NEVER coming back. It's a number on the scales that I plan to never see again. I couldn't help but be disappointed with this weeks results. Before you say anything hear me out.

I weigh myself everyday. I can't help it. I am addicted. Every morning I get up do a wee and stand on the scales. Sometimes I do it in the evenings before I got to bed too.Saturday morning I stood on the scales and it had a great number on there. I had lost a kilo since Wednesday. I was on track to have a great week.

Then we all know about my disaster Saturday. It took me until Monday morning to weigh what I weighed on Wednesday. (hope that makes sense) So this is why I am disappointed in myself. Because I know it could have been so much better.

This morning I went for a walk instead of doing the work out I was supposed to as my legs were really sore and I wanted to get out of the house. On the walk I was in a pretty bad place in my head. Thinking about all the things I had done wrong this week. Not focusing at all on the positives. Also I was planning some fundraising ideas for our playgroup and thinking about our hockey AGM tonight. So it wasn't all bad.

I came home and put on my weigh in results on my Becoming Nikki facebook page. Almost instantly I had 18 people like my status and 5 people comment telling me well done and all positive feedback. This helped me put it into perspective.

I now feel motivated to have a great week this week. I am loving the food. And this week hubby has even been eating some of the meals with me. Today we have a busy second half of the day with work in the afternoon then off to Moora for dancing, then back to finish the school cleaning and then hockey AGM. I will be organised with a healthy snack to have in there somewhere. But I can almost guarantee there will also be a Diet Coke in there somewhere too. So far I might have one a week maybe 2. But this is a huge improvement for 2 to 3 a day.

On another note which may have a lot to do with my head space. I have been really tired this week. Yesterday I even had a sneaky nanna nap whilst bugalugs was sleeping. I am hoping this is just my body getting use to the new routine. I almost feel like (& don't get too excited) I do when I am first pregnant. Just constantly tired. (& a little cranky)

Has anyone else had this happen when they have started something like this??

Here are my stats
This weeks loss 900g
Total 12WBT loss 2.1kg
Total loss since starting Becoming Nikki 5.6kg


  1. Ni Nikki - I lost a big fat NOTHING this week! Please go and weigh out 900 grams of something on your kitchen scales and then hold it in your hand. Be OVERJOYED!!! You're doing a fantastic job and the scales fluctuate so much - just go with the flow of your body's own way of getting rid of the excess. To read my response to losing precisely ZERO GRAMS this week, take a look at my blog :) I'll look forward to hearing what you think.

    1. Hi Jane
      Thanks I know I should be overjoyed and I have put it in perspective. I am very happy with how I am going. I will head on over and have a read. Thanks for reading. :)

  2. Hey Nik, I think you should give yourself a break, dont beat yourself up for your 'disaster Saturday' we are all going to have those; at least you moved on from there and carried on. You may have gone for a walk instead of the routine but atleast you went for a walk. You are doing amazing. You are a mum to 3 young kids, a wife, an involved community person, your own person and you have taken on the 12 WBT with blogging aswell, of course you're tired, I was just writing that down. Be proud of what you have achieved, know that you have the guts to continue and the support of all of us out here going thru similar and feeling the same. Enjoy this amazing time... Its yours!!! Keep smiling :) Jen

    1. Thanks Jen
      I know I did over react and I have put it in perspective. I just needed to vent I think. I appreciated everyones support and am definately feeling the love. :)

  3. Getting tired after ramping up your intensity is normal. As long as you eat properly, sleep well and do your recovery bits and bobs (stetching, warm down etc) you'll bounce through it. That said - listen to your body. If you don't ease off a bit when you're exhausted you will do yourself some damage. But don't slack off cos you just don't feel like it. Also - i haven't read your disaster saturday post yet. But you should do 1000 burpees as penance. Right now. Seriously....

  4. Hi Nikki,
    Yay for you and your honesty (and thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog). Yes, any loss is worth celebrating...heck, any day that you exercise and eat well is worth celebrating. Have a great week!