Sunday, 26 July 2015

The Blog is BACK!!!

Well...................Where do I begin...................

I have just had a quick look and realised I have written 4 blog posts this year FOUR!!! And my last one was in March!!!! Geez and I am wondering what is not working............perhaps it's as simple as write more blog posts..............ha ha ha if only it were that easy.

So what's been happening?? Well if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you will have a rough idea of what has been going on for the past few months. Just life really.

I am working more and more at the moment which is great for the bank balance but I am struggling with the life balance. We have a lovely young lady living with us during the week to help out with looking after the kids. The joys of country living is that after school care in non existent and with all their after school activities I need someone who can also be their taxi!!! The kids are happy and loving Aimee so that makes it easier.

I am struggling with fitting everything in (not in my mouth though that doesn't seem to be a problem). I hate getting home from work and doing the old 'hi/bye' with the kids when I walk in the door after being at work all day. Thus the exercise just hasn't really been happening for me at the moment. I am doing hockey training and the odd run or ride here and there but nothing regular like I used to. I have started running again a bit (I've done 2 in the last 2 weeks) and I am realising how much I have missed it.

FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!!!! I have been making pretty poor choices with my food actually it hasn't been all that bad my biggest problem has not been what I'm eating more how much I am eating. My portions are out of control. As well as snacking............after dinner in front of the TV snacking.

I have just started looking into the whole sugar thing...........I bought and partly read a couple of books. A lot of it makes sense and it is something I really want to learn more about. I have kicked it off by giving up Diet Coke. To say I was addicted to this is a huge understatement. Last Saturday I have 4 cans!! I am happy to say that was the last day I had one I have now been 1 week Diet Coke free. It's a small step but I know it is a small step in the right direction. Although I am finding myself slipping a bit and sneaking in a few naughty snacks because in my head I'm thinking "oh well I'm not having a D.C. so I can have a lolly". Not quite the right idea.

On a positive note I took the big step and enrolled to become a Personal Trainer!! I'm so excited!!! I'm not going to begin until October when life slows down a little bit but I am excited to get into it. I am enrolled with Australian Institute of Personal Trainers. I'm doing the course via correspondence and I need to complete 20hrs of work experience. I have a lady in Perth who is going to be my mentor and I will go to her fitness studio to do all my practical assessments.

Well I think that's enough for now, I am sure you have better things to do then read my waffle but that's for taking to time to listen. I promise this will be more of a regular thing. I have my first day off at home tomorrow so the plan is to put the kids on the bus and then head off for a run.

Until next next time keep on keeping on.