Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Feel free to laugh at my expense

Here is a story about the last 2 mornings doing Michelle Bridges DVDs. Feel free to laugh or just shake your head and say 'Nikki, Nikki, Nikki' I promise you I have done both in the last 2 days as well as a few words that I can't put in here.

I ordered the DVDs last week and when they weren't in the mail on Monday I was disappointed but knowing what it is like getting mail from over east to here I wasn't surprised. I went in on Tuesday and there they were. Tight Toned Terrific, Super Shredder Circuit, Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker. Just the names were making me sweat. On Tuesday afternoon I put on and sat down with my cuppa to have a bit of a squiz at what I was in for.

It didn't look so bad. They are broken down into 5 minute sessions. Not too bad I thought. The moves looked reasonably simple. No worries I thought. Oh how wrong I was!

Wednesday morning I slept in which should have been a sign to stay in bed! But up I got up and put on my sneakers all set to do the Seek & Destroy work out. Started not too bad. The warm up was over before I knew it. Moved on to the first 5 minute work out. You can choose to do low intensity but I thought 'No I'll be right'. And I was for the first 2 sessions. I was actually feeling quite co ordinated and thought I was killing it. Then I remembered I had only been going to 10 minutes. (not counting the warm up)

The third session was a bit  of the high impact and a lot of the low impact. By the fourth session I had my second wind or so I thought. About half way through bouncing & running around the lounge room  I could hear a beeping noise. I was looking around for one of the kids toys thinking my bouncing had shaken the floor that much that it had set off a toy. Which wouldn't surprise me. But no it was my heart rate monitor freaking out because my heart rate had gone too high! Pttf what would it know I was feeling fine. By fine I mean dripping in sweat, not being able to talk, almost ready to fall over but FINE. About this time I started to feel a slight pain in my chest. So maybe my heart rate monitor knew what it was talking about. Back to low impact I went. I thought I better not push it and didn't do the last 5 minute work out.

It took me about half an hour to recover and stop sweating. And all day I was feeling different parts of my legs. It can't have taken all my energy as I actually got a fair bit of house work done in the morning before heading off for an afternoon in Moora.

Today I did the Tight Toned Terrific work out. Mark had said he would do it with me. So when I woke up this morning I asked if he was still going to join in. I got a bit of a grunt in reply but by the time I was putting on my sneakers he was out dressed an getting his shoes. We started the warm up. AND...................he lasted about 2 minutes! Decided he was to uncoordinated and sat down to watch me. His excuse was bugalugs had woken up and wanted a cuddle. So I had an audience. If I thought my legs were hurting yesterday that was nothing compared with today's work out. I HATE LUNGES. My audience decided it would be a great idea to give me some critic. Which was really appreciated coming from someone who couldn't even last 2 minutes. I didn't swear at him nor did i throw anything at him. Mostly because I had nothing to throw. But he did get the death look of all death looks and he quickly retreated out of the room.

I couldn't do some of the sessions because of my shoulder injury but I still got a great work out. I did the ab work out on this DVD and OH LORDY! I do have muscles under there somewhere. I know this because I felt them. ALL OF THEM. I did recover quicker from this session and there was no mysterious beeping noise coming from my watch.

All in all I love these work outs. Mostly because they are in 5 minute sessions they are over before you know it and you are onto the next one. But you definitely work hard for those 5 minutes. The other thing is the steps are quite simple. Take no notice of the fact Mark couldn't do it. He may be able to do a great waltz but that's about where his co ordination ends. There is low impact options which is great if your starting out or your watch is beeping at you. I will do the Seek & Destroy one again tomorrow and hopefully get through all 5 sessions. Saturday I shall attempt the Super Shredder. Feel free to send me a message and check I am still alive on Saturday arvo.

This is in no way a sponsored post.

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  1. bwahaha. Laughed my arse off. The old "geez, that doesn't sound too hard" chestnut. Then before you know it your lungs are sticking to your ribs, you're trembling and struggling on the floor in a pile of sweat. Then your beloved will casually walk past and ask "are you alright? You sound like you're about to give birth".

    Good to hear you're ramping up the intensity. You don't have to work out for long to get fit - just work hard. If you keep up that level of intensity, you'll be surprised at how quickly your rate of recovery and work-rate improves.