Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Easily distracted

It has been a full on week here with the start of school which means back to regular work for me. However Amelia and I have had something on every morning so far. We are such social little butterflies. I am looking forward to next week which will hopefully be a lot less hectic.

Incidentally my work outs haven't been happening this week. I need to get my butt out of bed and get them done in the mornings before the morning routine starts. I am working everyday cleaning the school which is a work out in itself. Especially in this hot weather.

I received my first week of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT this morning. It starts on Monday. I am excited to try new foods and recipes. Mark is not so excited he looked at the recipes and was not overly keen. However he promised me that once I reach his weight (which I am about 4kg away from) he will join me in my weight loss. So I am hoping that I will reach his weight soon and then we will be eating the same things.

Molly started dancing this week. She has never done dancing before but had been asking for a while now if she could do it. So after many arguments  discussions between Mark and I about the travel involved and time. I am of the opinion that our kids shouldn't miss out on things based on where we live. It is a 45min trip one way to get to dancing. I am the one who has to do it so if I am happy to then why not. He is worried about he km on the car, fuel etc. There is really only a couple of things the kids can be involved in out here so I like for them to make the most of opportunities they have.

Anyway that was a little bit of a digression from where I was headed. See my teachers were right I am easily distracted! I bet they didn't think I still would be at 32! I have also lost my train of thought so I will end it here. Have a great day and I will be back with weigh in results over the weekend. :)

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  1. Ha ha ha - you are funny!!! Loving your blog! Tam x