Saturday, 9 February 2013


Last night we went into town to have drinks with friends who are up and moving to the other side of the country. While I am very happy for them selfishly I am not so happy that my drinking partner is leaving. Who is going to have a cold beer for me now when I finish a game of hockey???

I offered to be designated driver as I am far more capable of having a great night and staying later then the other adult of the house. If he was the sober one he would have been ready to leave at 8:30pm. So I offered to drive in the hopes that he would relax and we could have a great night out.

I came across my same predicament....What to drink? I had 2 Diet Cokes over the space of the evening. For which I got a few comments. Goes to show that people are actually reading this thing. Also I noticed a few people when they saw me looked me up and down. In my head they were looking to see if they could see the 4kg I have lost. More then likely they weren't they were just looking at me like they look at everyone else but of course in my mind IT'S ALL ABOUT ME.

But making all this so public is working I was very conscious of what I was eating. There were various nibbles out and I think I had one mini spring roll. I think I need to go out more often as I am sooo aware of what I am eating when I am out. Because you know in my mind every single person knows that I am trying to lose weight and be good so they are ALL watching me. IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!

I am at home tonight Mark is out for the night and kids are in bed so what do I have for tea. Chips. Oven baked chips but it doesn't stop there I cut up some bacon and grated some cheese. Then once the chips were cooked I topped it with the bacon and cheese put it back in the oven until the cheese melted. I have to admit it was yum! But if I was out there is no way I would have had it.

One bad meal after 4 weeks of being good is ok with me and I am not going to beat myself up about it. Shit happens and I am not going to let one meal throw me off the wagon. I had weigh in this morning and lost 700grams this week! So total weight loss to date is 4.1kg. YAY!

I am starting fitness training this week to get ready for hockey season. I am going to sit down tomorrow and work out a PLAN. Gotta have a plan. Plus this week will be a little less hectic. Big kids at school and bugalugs and I don't have many plans other then playgroup. So might be time to get on top of the bomb we call a house.

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