Thursday, 21 February 2013

What I have learnt so far.

Here are a few things I have learnt since I started this whole process. It has been a learning curve and I have had to step out of my comfort zone.

I actually like Chick Peas, Balsamic Vinegar, Cottage Cheese, Ricotta (if hidden under apple & cinnamon).

I really don't need to eat anywhere near the amount of food I was eating. I can eat smaller portions and feel satisfied. Not full cos once you are full you have already eaten too much.

How great it is to try different foods and recipes. Small changes to regular meals can make a big difference to the calories but not the flavours.

Bad Habits can be broken. Good Habits can be created.

The kids are asking if foods are healthy or unhealthy.

It is so true that if you get it over with in the morning life is much easier.

Listen to your body. Push when you need to and slow down when you need to.

It DOES get easier.

You DO get more energy.

You DO sleep better. (mostly cos you are getting up early & doing more that you are so worn out at the end of the day)

I know the meaning of the phrase NO PAIN NO GAIN.

A great place to vent/ share/ ask questions.

Getting to know other bloggers who are either in the same boat or have been here and done it. A great support.

The best part of all is the support. I get comments a lot when I am out and about telling me to keep it up and that people are finding it great to know that they aren't alone. It also makes me feel like I'm no so alone in all this. It also really helps to keep me accountable!! Like I have said a few times. Nothing like feeling like people are watching what you eat to make you eat less.

Staying positive makes a HUGE difference.

Don't be so hard on myself for small slip ups.

If you have a bad meal, day etc. Put it behind you. Don't let it ruin all your hard work.

To top all this off it's actually WORKING!!!! 5.6kg GONE!!!


  1. Love your attitude and EVERYTHING you've learned along the way!

  2. Congrats on your 5.6kg loss that is amazing and it's a great motivator to see the numbers on the scales going down!!

    We're up every morning at 4.45am and have a workout smashed by 6am, no excuses, straight up, straight into it and once it's done, it's done, don't have to think about it again until tomorrow morning!!

    I'm also finding that the more I exercise, the more I want to exercise!

    Keep working hard, you're doing SO well!