Sunday, 17 February 2013

12WBT Week One wrap up. Including disaster Saturday.

Week one is done and dusted. I have now done a full week of the 12WBT and I am feeling FANTABULOUS! I am loving try all the new recipes and I am not finding it all that hard to get up in the mornings to work out.

So here's how the week went:

Monday: All fired up as set to go. Got up and did my first work out before the day started. Pulled out my kitchen scales and weighed all my food. Thought they were trying to starve me when I read the amount of muesli I was allowed but it was very satisfying. Finished the day with a yummy meal that included chick peas. Never had them before but will definately be having this meal again it was YUMMO! 

Tuesday: Up nice and early again work out done. Wasn't too sure about the breaky meal but gave it a try and LOVED it. I'm a creature of habit so trying new things especially for breaky is a big change for me. Rest of the day went to plan. 

Wednesday: WEIGH IN! Lost 1.2kg since Monday. WOOHOO. Great motivator. Did my first Michelle Bridges DVD. You can read my previous post to see how this went. Lets just say it was my biggest work out to date. 

Thursday: Tried the toning work out however due to my shoulder injury couldn't do a few of the things. So not as great a work out as the day before but still burnt lots of calories. Spend a bit of time checking out more recipes and the forums on the 12WBT site. Also got next weeks plan. Very excited about the menu. Got in an extra bit of running in the afternoon at the oval with the kids. 

Friday: Ended up being out for the whole day. No snacks today. Very yummy chicken salad at the pub but should have asked for the dressing on the side. Went to a tupperware party which had yummy slices & sponge cake. I stuck to the carrot sticks and a couple of glasses of bubbles. Had a beautiful simple pizza for tea. 

Saturday: I think I should have stayed in bed!! Got up ready to do huge work out!!! Started and my legs were killing me so I gave up. We headed off to give away our puppy who is almost 12months old and we just don't have to time to give her the training she needs. The second time she chewed up the garden retic was the last straw. So we took her to a lady that re homes then. We talked the kids through it and they were fine. I was fine until we drove away. The I lost it. I was so sad worried that she would wonder what she had done wrong. Wondering when we were coming back to get her. Can't write any more about this or I will cry again. We then went onto Perth to do a food shop. On the way we stopped for lunch half the family had KFC Lochie & I had Hungry Jacks. I stood there looking at the menu at all the calories and because I was feeling so down I went bugger it. And got a burger, chips & diet coke. I felt guilty and never thought I was an emotional eater. But I guess I am. Then on our way home thought we should grab something for tea. So of the KFC we went. i had a piece of chicken and some chips as we left Perth. I then told myself I would have a salad for tea. But by the time we got home and unpacked I could not be bothered so had another 2 pieces of chicken. 

Sunday: BACK ON TRACK! Jumped on the scales and OMG had undone all my hard work. On the 12WBT Sunday is a no exercise day. BUT given the way Saturday had gone I knew I had to do something. So I had my yummy muesli before heading into work and spending 3hrs cleaning. That was a great work out. Wish I had worn my heart rate monitor. Get home and hubby is making piklets for the kids. I resisted stayed on track. Yummy salad for lunch and dinner. I spent the day feeling so guilty about what had happened Saturday. But I have learnt from it and will work on making the changes so it doesn't happen again. 

Jumped on the scales this morning and I am back to Wednesday mornings weight. I am looking forward to this week with some fantastic recipes and great work outs. I don't have any red flag days this week. So fingers crossed I can stay on track!!! 


  1. Hey Nikki, I'm glad to see you're doing this too! We started last week for the first time and we are feeling pretty hungry a lot of the time! I am so proud of you, it must be bloody tough with hubby and the kids to change your diet. We are lucky that it's just the 2 of us so we can motivate each other no worries. I really hope you can keep it up! And chat to me if you need help/motivation xx

  2. Don't be too hard on yourself Nik - the old "learning from your mistakes" quote fits here! Next time you feel like something naughty, you'll remember how you felt and that will get you through! Your doing a great job - and we can see the difference - That's the main thing. Keep chipping away. It's all about learning the right things to eat and when - haha easier said than done I reckon ;)