Tuesday, 30 April 2013

12WBT Round 1 Wrap Up & Setting New Goals

Today is the final day of round 1 of the 12WBT. I haven't finished on the best note. I had a gain of 1.9kg this week. I can come up with all the excuses in the world but what it comes down to is we went away for 4 days and in that time I tried to watch what I ate but I have done ZERO exercise this week!!!

When I say I watched what I ate what I really mean is I ordered salads & healthy options 99% of the time. BUT I also picked chips off Mark & the kids plates. And we had a few wine & beer tastings as you do when you are surrounded by wineries & breweries.

While I am disappointed with this weeks results I am keeping in mind that on the weekend I wore a size 16 dress to my cousins wedding. I have not been in a size 16 since I was about 16. I hadn't even realised the dress was a 16 until just before I put it on. I bought it 18 months ago because it was a 'bargain' and I knew I would fit into it one day. Well one day finally came on Saturday!

So here are my stats so far................
Total Loss 11.7kg
12WBT Loss 8.2kg
Total cm lost 26cm
I am now comfortably a size 18. Almost need to get a belt out for some of these pants.

I have also gone from a DD to a C bra size. Which I am happy with as long and I don't lose anymore from there. I have lost 8cm off my waist and 12.5cm off my hips. Those a numbers I am REALLY happy with.

So where to from here.
I am feeling really motivated and am loving the results I am seeing in my clothes. I'm not going to lie the compliments from people are also a GREAT motivation. Not only in real life but also on here & Facebook.

The next round of 12WBT starts on the 13th May. my first goal is to start that round back at last weeks weight of 93kg. If not under that.

Round 2 Goals
Weight loss - 13kg = 80kg
Size - 16
Fitness - run 5km
Family - spend more quality time being present!
House - Stay on top of housework & make a start on the garden.

We did a huge house cleaning blitz when we got home on Monday so I planning to maintain it! I do have mountains of washing to get through from being away and will work my through it folding and putting it away as I go. No more MT Washing taking over our lounge. I am looking forward to enjoying more time at home now that I have finished work!!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Who forgets their wedding anniversary????

Sometime last week I realised that our wedding anniversary was coming up. 7 years of wedded bliss. Our first wedding anniversary we had a night away. Our first night away from Lochie who was 6 months old. Our second anniversary we went out for tea whilst a friend babysat and talked about baby names. It was about a month before Molly was due but as it turns out only a week before she was born. Since then we have never really done much just a card and maybe a special tea at home. 

However this year we both forgot! It wasn't until facebook reminded me this morning that I remembered. I am sure as the day went on I would have seen the date somewhere and been reminded. I have sent Mark a txt to check the date today. 

We got married in our small country town. This meant we spent the day before setting up the hall with all our wonderful helpers. Including our best mans girlfriend who had come over from Queensland and we had only just met. I had one foot stomping 'But I'm the bride' moment when my sister wanted to swap tables around. (we had round tables that seated 8 or 10) She wanted a bigger table for the 8 people at her table and the only 10 seater table left was the bridal table. We got married in the local Anglican Church where I had wanted to get married since I was a little girl. My parents where married there and my siblings and I were all christened there. It is a beautiful little church. 

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life. We were surrounded by family and friends and it was a great day. There were hiccups as there is with every wedding but that just made it even more memorable. I started the day with a family breakfast. I have 4 siblings none of them were in my bridal party. I had one bridesmaid, my lovely cousin. So to keep them involved in the day they all came over for breakfast at the B&B we were staying at. They then disappeared whilst we got ready and came back for photo's before the ceremony. 

Whilst I was being pampered and relaxing Mark was running around organising drinks and showing the photographer around our town. He apparently had little time to relax and enjoy a drink before it was time to head to the church. He got to the church but had forgotten the money to pay for the church. This was the first of a few hiccups which included me getting out of the car at the church with grease on my dress, warm beer at the reception just to name a few. 

We had the best night and danced until our feet hurt. I was 4 months pregnant so by the time midnight rolled around I was well and truly ready for bed. We headed to the local hotel for our wedding night. When we arrived we realised they had given us room 13! 

7 years on and 3 kids later our lives have changed many times. We are still best friends and share everything. Mark is an amazing husband and gives me amazing support. He helps out when I need him to with out being asked most days. He listens when I need to vent and has learnt to just listen rather then try and fix things. If I could have my wedding over again I would change a few things and I wish that the friends I have made since then could have been there to share our special day. 

I am off to check the freezer and see if there is something in there I can turn into a special dinner.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Battered & Bruised

You know when kids fall over and graze their knee they cry and say how much it stings. Then you finally get them in the bath and they start crying again and try to sit in the most awkward position to keep the graze out of the water. Well I can now say they have my full sympathy.

Yesterday afternoon my Brother Rob and his beautiful daughter Indi came to visit. I had told my kids there would be a surprise for them after school. So when we arrived at school I didn't park in the car park I usually do as it would mean we would have to walk past their classroom and I didn't want them to see them. So we parked across the road. Silly decision as it turns out.

The teacher let Indi come in whilst they finished telling news and Lochie & Molly were both very excited and happy to see her. Once school was over the kids played for a bit and showed Rob around their classroom. I emptied the bins as it was technically my last day of work but because Rob is up I am going to go in on Sunday and do my FINAL clean.

As we left in full spirits the kids had gone to swap their booster seats into Uncle Bob's car for the drive home. I came out of the school gates laughing and lord only knows what. Then I tripped on a bit of slab poking up. I stumbled and couldn't stop myself. You know that slow motion stagger where you try to stop the actual fall. But half way down you know it's going to happen anyway. Well the worst was still to come. I put my hands out but somehow completely lost my balance and ended up face planting the path.

Still not to sure how my face ended up on the ground but I got up with blood on my lip and just under my eye. So feeling really silly I went to the toilets to check out the damage. It actually wasn't to bad at that stage. but my front tooth was sore and had a small chip. So we headed home with me feeling like an idiot. Seriously who falls over like that. And I hadn't even had a drink!

When we got home I iced it and it started to swell a little. Rob & Mark would look at me and try not to laugh. I put it on Facebook as I figured everyone would find out eventually. Plus it would save me answering the same questions at hockey today about what happened. It had completely ruined my night and the high spirits I was in that afternoon.

So I have woken up this morning with an even fatter lip and a puffy eye. My tooth is still sore but hopefully on the mend. We have our pre season hockey carnival today and I was looking forward to playing. Now I am a bit nervous. And not looking forward to getting sweat in my grazes. I also have my cousins wedding next weekend so I am really hoping it will clear up by then.

The wounds will heal and the swelling will go but I am sure I will be hearing about this from my family & so called friends for a long time to come. Between this and leaving my bags out the coast on the weekend I am giving them plenty of reasons to 'pull the piss'. If only I had parked in my usual spot!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gotta love a girls weekend.

I have been extremely lucky these past 2 weekends. I had lovely couple time last weekend. And this weekend I had a fantastic girls weekend. I have to say how great my hubby is! He took me away last weekend and then stayed home with the kids this weekend without one complaint or pre cooked meal.

We had our second bookclub meeting on Friday night. It was the first one we had had since we have actually read a book. The first meeting was to receive our first book. IT was a great night with  10 women talking about a great intense book. We quite often got sidetracked (as women do). It was really interesting to hear peoples interpretation of the events in the book. We had great food, great company & a few drinks. Perfect bookclub meeting.

Saturday we headed off on a pre season players only hockey trip. Leaving town at 12pm in a  bus we were off for a great weekend. As much as we were all keen to have a drink or 3 on the way out we were under instructions from our coach that once we got there we would be training. We went to Jurien Bay a beautiful little coastal town just under 2hrs away. We stayed in a house which belongs to a relative of one of our players. It was the perfect beach house.

We arrived and were unpacked at by about 2 and decided to head out and grab some lunch. I did suggest we go to the pub. (more then once I might add) It was rather warm and humid so training wasn't until later in the afternoon. Some of the smart girls actually packed their bathers. I was not one of them. Why??? Who knows but I didn't have a lot of luck with my bags over the weekend. So I am not hugely surprised. So the smart few went for a dip to cool off before we got stuck into it.

We didn't have much of an idea as to what was going to be involved in the training but luckily for us there wasn't much 'beach' to run on as the tide was up. So we headed off for a 'run'. And did we run! We stopped a few times to do some circuit work. We jogged past the main jetty & playground and got a few strange looks. Went all the way to the marina thankfully stopping to walk a bit. We lost one of the ladies for a bit of the run as she went to visit a friend who's house we ran past. We were sure she would come back with a beer for us but no such luck. Back from our run we thought maybe that was it. But no back to the house grab our sticks, shinpads and of course the esky for afterwards. (couldn't possibly wait until we were back at the house for a drink) We headed back to the marina for a quick mini game of hockey on the grass. It was great fun and challenging as it was a very narrow strip of grass. I even received my first bruise of the season thanks to a ball the the knee. By the end of training we were all exhausted and covered in sweat. I looked like I had swum in my shirt. It was soaked. My whole cap was saturated!!!! After a much needed beer and attempts to take a great photo of us all jumping in unison on the beach. Training was done and it was onto the fun.

There is something that happens when you get a group of women together who all know each other, some better then others, with ages ranging from 40's to late teens. We all settled in for some great food, drinks & laughs. There were 13 of us and it was the perfect number. We could all be part of the conversation and no one was left out and there weren't any 'groups' it was awesome. Our coaches had given us 'homework' before we went in the form of a questionnaire full of questions about our lives. We were given a booklet with everyones answers in it. It was great as I think there was at least one thing that everyone learnt about others. I found out one of the ladies had lost 38kg. I was inspired!!!!!

Once we had rotated through the shower, had tea and some birthday cake. I brought out the toilet paper! No I wasn't worried about not making to the toilet in time. It was for a game I discovered when I hosted a 'Girls Night In' last year. Everyone takes between 5 & 7 sheets of paper and you don't tell them what it is for. Once everyone has done it this you tell them the game. For every sheet you have you have to share something about yourself that no one knows. In the past when I have played this game it has taken maybe 20 minutes. And that's with more people then we had on the weekend. Well I think this game went for at least an hour if not two. We decided to do 2 each and then just keep going around. So you had about 3 goes each. As the rounds went on people opened up more and more. Not sure if they were feeling more comfortable or the drinks started to kick in. We laughed (snorted), some cried, shared proposal stories, shared our heritage. It really was a circle of trust.

This is where I have to stop and fast forward to the next morning as what happens on tour stays on tour. Lets just say there wasn't a lot of sleep. And the morning wake up call was not what you would expect from a group of ladies.

I will fast forward to packing up. A few of us had gone for a walk and some how, not sure how, ended up at a cafe. On the way back the swimmers sent us a message saying they had packed everything and were ready to go. So we got back and they said they had everything but if we wanted to go and check feel free. If someone says this to you ALWAYS go and check. I said no no  it's fine. They said they took no responsibility. Which is fair enough. I should have known when I couldn't find my pillow on the bus that something was wrong. But I thought it was just under something. We get home at about 1:30pm tired and happy so see our families. We started unloading the bus. Swags, bags, hockey gear. None of it mine. Nervously I asked it there was anything else. Nope! You guessed it. My bags were still upstairs at the house. Completely my fault.

We headed home with plans for me to head out one day this week and go and get it. Then when we got home Mark suggested we go and get it. I think he just wanted to feel like he didn't miss out completely and still got to go to the beach. So we headed back out. I didn't have to drive so as tired as I was I was happy to chill out in the car. We got my things then headed to the beach for the kids to have a play then a very early fish & chips dinner. I didn't have my own I just picked at the kids dinner. I know it wasn't the best choice but I am glad I didn't get my own as then I wouldn't have been able to stop and definitely would have over eaten.

We got home just after 7pm. Showers, kids to bed, a bit of the voice & into bed by 8pm. I had the BEST nights sleep. It was a fantastic weekend. I have to say a HUGE thank you to our coaches who organised everything and it was so nice to go away and not have to do anything. Also thank you to my WONDERFUL team mates who made it such a great weekend. I really do feel a lot closer to each and everyone of you. Bring on the 2013 season!!! Miling Hockey Club are pumped and ready to take it ALL the way!!!!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A week of opposites & a pile of washing.

Weigh in day today. And I am feeling great. All those 9km run/walks have paid off and helped me work off all those beers and deep fried food from Saturday afternoon. I had a loss of 1.6kg. Which means I lost the 1.2kg I put on over the Easter weekend and then some. Gotta love it when hard work pays off.

This week has been a week of opposites. From hockey training Thursday night where I burnt over 1000 calories. To going for a run around the bridges in Perth. Where there were different sounds to those I am used to. Don't often have police sirens going off on our little rural road. I also don't normally have to worry about other people and trying to pass someone on a bridge with a group of bikes coming the other way. I don't normally get to exercise with my husband. Also traffic is not something I normally have to contend with. On my Monday night run/walk I had 2 trucks and 1 ute go past. A bit different to the hundreds of cars that went past in Perth.

We had a fantastic weekend in Perth on our own. But it didn't take long to be back to reality. The kids were in fine form. Lochie was unsettled at school on Monday, Molly was unsettled Sunday night & Amelia, well she is just Amelia. Back into being passing ships on Tuesday night as hubby comes home and I go to training. We have dancing this afternoon (which I have to fit work around) then Mark is off to a meeting tonight.

I have dropped the ball on the home front lately. There is a pile of clean washing that has been sitting on my couch for a week! I have had absolutely no motivation to fold it and put it away. I have not done much housework at all this past week. And I could tell last night that it was getting to Mark. He was rather cranky when he got home. Doing that silent stomping thing as he did a couple of jobs. It didn't help that as he pulled in the car port Lochie hit a ball into our kitchen window and cracked it. Which results in him telling Lochie off and Lochie 'running away' to the front gate. All this while I was trying to get ready for training. I managed to get Lochie to come home and into his room before I left.

So today I am going to change that and tackle the mountain of washing. I hate being in a disorganised mess of a house. But I barely have the motivation to do much about it. But I feel bad the Mark comes home to a mess everyday. Now I feel like a 1950's housewife! I have to leave for work at 1pm so I plan to work my butt off this morning and do as much as I can. Only a week and a bit of work to go and then I will have less interruptions to my day. And I will have more time to get my shit together!

So here are my weight loss stats.
Weekly Loss  1.6kg
12WBT Loss  7.7kg
Total Loss     11.1kg
5.4kg till under 90kg. Would love to hit this by end of 12WBT.
8.9kg till Moet!

Monday, 8 April 2013

Making the impossible possible. Or just a crazy plan to run 20km.

Whilst on my run/walk last night. I call it that because I can't say on my run when I only ran for half of it. And I can't call it a walk as I ran for half of it. Now that I have clarified that I will tell you what happens when you are lacking oxygen to the brain. You come up with insane great ideas to keep you motivated and moving. I know a few people (mostly men) who say their best ideas have come to them whilst they are (cough) in the loo. I can safely say this idea came when I was out in the fresh air. Although I was struggling to breathe that fresh air at the time.

This week as part of the 12WBT Michelle asked how we have made the impossible possible. I wrote in and talked about how at hockey training I am keeping up. Which has never happened to me. I have always been at the back of the runs and drills. Especially during pre season. So in the spirit of what Michelle asked I came up with my idea. Here it is.................

My plan is to run (and more then likely walk a bit) from my house into Miling. That is roughly 20kms. I told you I was suffering from lack of oxygen. I came home and told Mark. Thinking he would look at me like I was talking another language. But bless him his reaction was. "Great I will ride it with you". Have I mentioned how much I love him and how supportive he has been. I decided to tell you all on here as you have all been so supportive and I figure that it has worked for me so far. Now I have to do it!

So I had a few thoughts last night and here is the rough idea of what I was thinking. Although not to sure I was thinking at all.

I am thinking of the weekend of the 19th - 20th October. For a few reasons mainly it gives me 6 months to prepare. Harvest won't (finger crossed) have started. (our world revolves around doing things before and after seeding and harvest) It's after the school holidays. It's after hockey and football have well and truly finished.

I am opening it up for anyone to join me for all or part of the run. It will finish at the Miling Oval and we will have some sort of gathering there afterwards, sausage sizzle, bouncy castle etc.

I thought if I am going to do this I may as well raise some money along the way. While there are many fantastic causes out there that desperately need funds I am still to decide on exactly which cause I should choose. To raise money I will hold raffles, perhaps ask for donations from people who want to participate, seek sponsorship from businesses. Like I said I just came up with the idea last night so there are lots of kinks to be worked out.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to share them. Even if it is to tell me I am crazy.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Being Nikki (not Mum) for a whole weekend.

We headed to Perth Friday night for our weekend away. We had my brother drop us off at the hotel. Saved us $100 for parking for 2 nights. It was great we got there just after 8pm, got changed and headed out for dinner. We had a beautiful ADULT dinner. We had it in the restaurant of the hotel which is definitely not kid friendly. Then went across the road to a lovely little Irish pub. They had a great band playing and we enjoyed our first night out together.

Saturday morning of course I couldn't sleep in. Always the way! I got up at 7am and got ready to walk the bridges. I told hubby which way I was going and he was going to meet me at Barrack St when I was done. Off I went. There were a few moments of culture shock. It was definitely different to exercising on the farm! First off there was water, green grass, a footpath & people! People! I was feeling a little self conscious when I headed out. Wondering if I would stick out like a sore thumb. I thought all the other people out exercising at that time of the day would be Victoria Secret models & Male models. Oh how wrong I was. There were people of all ages and sizes going at all paces from strolling to running and everything in between. My goal was to push myself to run as much of it as I could. I ran 1km at first then walked a bit then ran for 1.5km then walked and ran on and off. I got great motivation in over taking people and pushing myself. When I got to the Narrows Bridge I told myself I would run until I got to the bridge. Just as I was about to collapse in a heap, dripping with sweat I saw the best thing I had seen all morning. Hubby was standing under a tree waiting for me. I had never been happier to see him. We walked the last couple of kms together and it was great. Only took 1hr 23min. Which I was stoked with. 9.3km in under and hour and a half. And all before 9am!!!

After a MUCH needed shower. Oh lord was I stinky & sweaty. We headed off for a day which included breaky at Dome, shopping(including a $10 bargain top from David Jones), strolling around the city, walk forever to find a bottle shop, mid day relax back at the hotel, then off to a bar for a late lunch and drinks. We headed down to Barrack Street and settled in at the Lucky Shag. We managed to get a table and settled in for a quiet few. Which for Mark involves people watching. He is definitely getting better. When we first started dating he was a real country boy and going out often involved pointing whilst his eyes popped out of his head. It was during our 2nd pint and when lunch arrived that the healthy eating went out the window. We had a 'Mates plate' which was full of yummy deep fried food. Think spring rolls, samosas, salt & pepper squid, wedges etc. We didn't eat all of it but we did enjoy it.

Given that I have not drunk a lot since Christmas after 4 pints I peaked. I was on a great high and ready to take on the world. We headed back to get changed for dinner. Big mistake, HUGE! Should have just kicked on. Stopping off at a comfy hotel to get changed that is the thing of amateurs. Everyone knows you don't just keep going. So in the end we went to another nice pub for tea and it was a great meal. However we were back in our hotel by 8:30pm! And as much as i hate to admit it it was nice because I read my book, Mark watched tv & we just relaxed.

I was thankful Sunday morning as we both woke up early and Mark came with me for the whole 9.3km. Anyone who knows Mark knows that he is not really into exercise for the sake of exercise. So I was excited when he said he would come with me. There was a fun run on Sunday morning and we almost made it all the way around before they caught up with us. It didn't hinder us at all although it was squishy crossing the bridge with 5 million people around you. We did run a bit of the way. Yes Mark actually ran!

All in all we had a great weekend being adults and spending some much needed quality time together. I am feel really good about being able to fit exercise into our weekend away. We still enjoyed ourselves and I don't feel guilty about over indulging on Saturday afternoon. I made great food choices the rest of the time and I am still on track! A HUGE thank you to my parents as with out them this whole thing wouldn't have happened. The kids had a fantastic time and enjoyed Nanna & Pop time.

Now it's back to the real world with loads of washing to be done.  Here's hoping we can make this weekend away an annual thing.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Time Out

This morning I am very excited. Hubby and I are off to the big smoke for a weekend by ourselves! And no I am not going to come back pregnant as has been suggested by a few people. We are staying in the CBD and looking forward to some adult time.

The planning for this believe it or not started 12 months ago. We were planning a weekend away for our wedding anniversary which is at the end of April. However with kids and sport we didn't have a free weekend until July. So we were all set had organised the MIL to babysit only to have her turn around a few weeks later and say that she couldn't do it. This was not a surprise just annoying. As at the time we really needed some us time. We haven't had any quality us time since before Bugalugs was born and she is almost 2.

So this time around looked at the calendar and this is the last free weekend we have until the end of June. We booked my my Mum & Dad to have the kids. I know that they won't back out and all the kids love begin there. Hubby had all these plans of organising the whole weekend so it would be a surprise for me. Bless him. But it didn't turn out that way. In his defence I am a control freak.

We booked a mystery hotel online and are really happy with what we got. Somewhere we have never stayed before but it looks fantastic. Hubby did try and organise another couple to come and have dinner with us Saturday night but that didn't work out. Which is a shame as it would have been great to catch up with them kid free.

There are no plans for the weekend. We are just going to 'Wing It'. Which surprisingly I am really looking forward to. I love the fact that it really doesn't matter what time or where we eat. We can have a drink at a pub in the afternoon and don't have to make sure it has a beer garden or playground. Mark's only request is that I don't drag him into lots of shops. Which is fine. He doesn't have to come. He can stay at the pub. ;)

I do actually have one plan and that is to get up reasonably early Saturday morning and walk/ run the bridges. I used to do this often when I lived in Perth but haven't done it for years. I am really looking forward to running on a footpath and having green grass and water around me whilst I do it.

I am back on track with my eating and exercise. I will not let this weekend put me back again. So I will make smart choices and control my calorie input. If there is anything I learnt from last weekend it is that I can still go out to eat, make healthy choices and still feel completely satisfied.

I am really looking forward to about 8pm tonight when we 'should' be settled into our hotel room ready to go out and get a bite to eat. Maybe even find a bar to do some dancing. Oh how I miss dancing. And I can't wait to spend some time adult time with my hubby where we can just be Mark & Nikki. Not Mum & Dad. We can hold hands when we are walking because we won't be pushing a pram or trolley. We can have a conversation without being interrupted. We can sleep in! (well on sunday) We can eat after 7pm. It's all these little things that you need to do every now and then to remember that there is more to your relationship then who left the toilet seat up or who's turn it is to get up to the kids at night.

So I hope everyone else has a great weekend. I know I will. If you follow me on Facebook I will be posting some pictures over the weekend. I am looking forward to wearing a dress on Saturday night that was WAY to tight when I wore it 12 months ago.

I am off to pack and get everything sorted for the kids for the weekend. So not quite footloose and fancy free yet but I am counting the hours! Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter & my first weight gain.

Easter!!! Normally my second favourite holiday after Christmas of course. I love hot cross buns! My mum always had a rule that we couldn't have them until Good Friday. This is something I have tried to do also. Normally once Good Friday comes around I have a couple for breakfast and then morning tea etc etc. This year I tried to restrain myself and only had one at a time. Only 2 a day. I felt really good about this as it shows how much my mind set has changed.

We went camping for the weekend to my Mum & Dad's new little farm they have brought. We were free camping as in no power, no facilities, dirt, ants and lots of places for the kids to explore. We did have a generator, chemical toilet & camp shower. We bought a new top for our camper trailer and this was the first time we were using it. My sister also had a brand new camper trailer that they were using for the first time. Our kids now have their own room to sleep in which is fantastic. There is now a lot more room which is great.

As it was Easter we weren't allowed to have a fire which broke the heart of my 6yr old. Normally when we go camping like this we have a fire to cook on and toast marshmallows. However there was plenty to occupy ourselves with as Dad had a list of jobs for the boys and the kids were able to explore and get dirty be kids. We had rides on the back of the ute. I took my 14yr old niece for a drive in the ute. She did a great job even managed a 3 point turn. It was great having all the cousins there playing together. Also the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Moet!

We have an easter egg hunt on Sunday morning as soon as the kids get up. Normally the Easter Bunny buys nice Cadbury eggs including the flavoured ones. This year however as I didn't want to steal eat the kids choccies I just brought boring no name eggs. Much to the horror of a certain teenager who always finds the Cadbury ones and doesn't like to share them. Her Easter Bunny only buys the boring no name ones so she relies on Aunty Nik Nik for the good stuff. Although she did have a win this year as Aunty Tanya brought bigger Cadbury eggs for the hunt. So whilst the little kids were hunting for the little eggs she found the good stuff.

As it was Mark's birthday on Sunday and Mum's birthday on Monday we went out for lunch on Sunday to a lovely little pub in the middle of nowhere. It was a great little place which had a lovely playground for the kids and great food. They have a salad & vegie bar where you choose which piece of meat, chicken or fish you would like cooked and they cook it right there in front of you. The Salads all looked amazing however most of them had creamy dressing or where pasta, potato & rice. So I had a piece of chicken and some tomato, carrot, cucumber, cheese & a bit of coleslaw.   (Also some gravy as I have an addiction to gravy.) As we were walking past the salad bar and I had finished one of my BIL said "Oh that's all your having? That's right your on a diet." I wanted to scream "I AM NOT ON A DIET" The boys had MASSIVE steaks and most people left feeling stuffed. I was really happy to say that I left feeling satisfied. I didn't eat to much and I didn't feel like I missed out by not eating the potato bake or wedges.

I even managed to fit in a work out on Sunday morning. I measured along the driveway fence line some markers to do sprints. I had to do it on the driveway as that was the smoothest ground so I didn't roll an ankle or anything. Also I needed the fence as my markers. I felt much better afterwards even though I had to dodge the odd golf ball that was being hit in my direction by certain men boys.

I definately was aware all weekend of what I was putting in my mouth. And made smarter choices then I would have any other Easter. I had weigh in this morning and I gained 1.2kg. I am disapointed as it is the first time I have gained since I started however I am determined to not let it derail my plans.