Thursday, 28 February 2013

FFS Friday


Today I'm linking up with Dear Baby G for FFS Friday. So here is how my week went,

Sunday last minute decision to go to Perth to do food shopping & collect my engagement ring which was being repaired. All this Kid free No FFS

Doing a 5hr round trip to go shopping FFS

Monday morning went for a walk/ run ran as for as long as I could and smashed it. No FFS

Hockey meeting Monday night which meant I didn't get home until 10pm FFS

Tuesday was all set to do fitness training for hockey but had a 'funny' tummy so couldn't do much FFS

Tuesday night got home at 6pm had a nightmare hour or so with getting dinner, doing reading spelling homework, baths, bed etc. Nothing like being organised FFS

Wednesday Weigh In lost 300grams No FFS

Hubby has started carting lime which means he now leaves home before 6am. So no morning run/ walk for me FFS

Finding kids clothes ALL over the house, none in the dirty clothes basket. No wonder they are complaining they have no socks. If they aren't in the basket they don't get washed FFS

Wednesday afternoon as always was full on work / dancing/ work. FFS

Wednesday night got to have drink and catch up kid free No FFS

Thursday tried to be a good housewife. Had done the dishes, vacuuming & couple of loads of washing all but 10am. No FFS

Hang out washing come back in to find a full box of rice bubbles tipped out and squashed into newly vacuumed carpet FFS

Had huge plans to fold a mountain of washing whilst watching season one of Hart of Dixie. Didn't happen FFS (it's still staring at me)

After work was all set to go to fitness training. Had a plan of what I wanted to do. However had to take 20month old Bugalugs. Couldn't even do a sit up with out her trying to crawl on me. Tried running whilst carrying her. FFS

Got home at 7pm was slightly more organised. Had made meatballs just had to cook them & the rest of tea, homework, bath, bed etc FFS

After living in this house for almost 3 years and having our dishwasher live in our outside laundry unable to be used. We finally got a quote to have it installed. Took it to Mark's boss (who owns the house) he said yeah no worries. So no FFS we are getting in installed. But FFS why didn't we do it 3 years ago FFS!!!!! (it deserved two FFS)

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What a difference a week makes.

What a difference a week makes!!

This week I had no major disaster days. I exercised everyday except Sunday. I went to Perth Saturday had a healthy lunch (in a cafe kid free! OH SO WONDERFUL), I did have a cherry ripe on my way home.

So this week I lost 300grams. Which after my reaction last week to losing 900grams you may think I am going to freak out again. Well no for some reason I am in a MUCH better head space and have realised a loss is a loss. And it is much better then a gaining weight.

I am going to go back to listening to the recording from the hypnotist. I am finding some of the evening meals on the 12WBT are quite large portions. I know that it is all calculated etc. But I am finding that I am eating more then I would normally in the evenings. On part of the hypnotist programme is to half all your meal and bring portion sizes under control. I think with the whole 12WBT I have forgotten this.

So back to basics putting together all the bits I have learnt from the hypnotist & 12WBT. I will still be doing the exercise and meal programme from 12WBT and its' a great programme don't get me wrong but I think I need to also listen to my body.

Well we have another big afternoon of work/cleaning, dancing & more cleaning/working. Then possibly some drinks with a friend. We have been trying to catch up for a few weeks but something always comes up so fingers crossed tonight will work out.

So here are this weeks stats
weekly loss 300grams
Week 3 12WBT loss 2.5kg
Week 7 Total Loss 6kg

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Tummy & butt flashing work out pants.

Yesterday I did my first Super Saturday Session work out. We got home from a kids birthday party at the pool and we had a few hours before we went to tennis so I told myself JFDI. It is one of the first time I was very glad that I live on a farm and no one can watch me exercise.

When I started all this I bought some new work out clothes. You know the lovely tight work out clothes that show all the lumps and bumps and I only bought because I knew no one would see me wearing them. (except for when I had to make a last minute trip to school on Friday morning when the bus failed to pick the kids up) I have been loving these new clothes and the pants were great they didn't fall down as I had found in the past they have rolled down over my hips and tummy whenever I have anything more the walking.

So I was all decked out had my work out plan written out, water bottle full, little 4yr old side kick, HRM on & I was ready to go. I had measured out my 200 metre run which I had to do between exercises. Up around the sheds and back. Off I went....

On my second run my pants started to feel a little lose and I have to pull them up twice while I was running. By my fourth run I was pulling them every couple of metres. By the end I was basically either running holding them up or I was showing far more flesh then anyone would want to see. Like I said I was so glad I live on a farm.

With all this pants wrangling and crack flashing I continued on and didn't stop to get changed which is what crossed my mind every time I was half way through my run. Molly asked me if I knew where to get an exercise belt for my exercise pants. Now there's an idea! I did struggle with some of the exercises as a lot of them were push up based and my shoulder is still not 100% . So I swapped a few with ab exercises.

My heart rate monitor got a fair work out too! By half way through my runs it was beeping it's little head off. Who needs an i pod or music to work out when I was working out to my own little beeping rhythm. This time I didn't slow down though I just kept running. If you can call it running, it was more like a shuffle as I was trying to keep my pants from completely falling down.

By the end of the work out I was exhausted! But I was definitely on a bit of a high. Not only had I done my first SSS but I had done it in the middle of the day when I would normally be doing not much at all. I did have a bit of an audience and every now and then I would see hubby trying to hide a laugh as I came running back to the house either holding up my pants or with my belly hanging out.

So now my only problem is what to do with the pants! How hard would it be to invent an exercise pant belt I wonder???????

Thursday, 21 February 2013

What I have learnt so far.

Here are a few things I have learnt since I started this whole process. It has been a learning curve and I have had to step out of my comfort zone.

I actually like Chick Peas, Balsamic Vinegar, Cottage Cheese, Ricotta (if hidden under apple & cinnamon).

I really don't need to eat anywhere near the amount of food I was eating. I can eat smaller portions and feel satisfied. Not full cos once you are full you have already eaten too much.

How great it is to try different foods and recipes. Small changes to regular meals can make a big difference to the calories but not the flavours.

Bad Habits can be broken. Good Habits can be created.

The kids are asking if foods are healthy or unhealthy.

It is so true that if you get it over with in the morning life is much easier.

Listen to your body. Push when you need to and slow down when you need to.

It DOES get easier.

You DO get more energy.

You DO sleep better. (mostly cos you are getting up early & doing more that you are so worn out at the end of the day)

I know the meaning of the phrase NO PAIN NO GAIN.

A great place to vent/ share/ ask questions.

Getting to know other bloggers who are either in the same boat or have been here and done it. A great support.

The best part of all is the support. I get comments a lot when I am out and about telling me to keep it up and that people are finding it great to know that they aren't alone. It also makes me feel like I'm no so alone in all this. It also really helps to keep me accountable!! Like I have said a few times. Nothing like feeling like people are watching what you eat to make you eat less.

Staying positive makes a HUGE difference.

Don't be so hard on myself for small slip ups.

If you have a bad meal, day etc. Put it behind you. Don't let it ruin all your hard work.

To top all this off it's actually WORKING!!!! 5.6kg GONE!!!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Can't help feeling a little disapointed

When I started this blog I said that I would be completely honest. And that is exactly what I am going to do. I know some of you are going to tell me to get over it and I have already had amazing support this morning which has changed my tune a little.

I had weigh in the morning and I had lost 900g. Which is great and any loss is weight that is gone and NEVER coming back. It's a number on the scales that I plan to never see again. I couldn't help but be disappointed with this weeks results. Before you say anything hear me out.

I weigh myself everyday. I can't help it. I am addicted. Every morning I get up do a wee and stand on the scales. Sometimes I do it in the evenings before I got to bed too.Saturday morning I stood on the scales and it had a great number on there. I had lost a kilo since Wednesday. I was on track to have a great week.

Then we all know about my disaster Saturday. It took me until Monday morning to weigh what I weighed on Wednesday. (hope that makes sense) So this is why I am disappointed in myself. Because I know it could have been so much better.

This morning I went for a walk instead of doing the work out I was supposed to as my legs were really sore and I wanted to get out of the house. On the walk I was in a pretty bad place in my head. Thinking about all the things I had done wrong this week. Not focusing at all on the positives. Also I was planning some fundraising ideas for our playgroup and thinking about our hockey AGM tonight. So it wasn't all bad.

I came home and put on my weigh in results on my Becoming Nikki facebook page. Almost instantly I had 18 people like my status and 5 people comment telling me well done and all positive feedback. This helped me put it into perspective.

I now feel motivated to have a great week this week. I am loving the food. And this week hubby has even been eating some of the meals with me. Today we have a busy second half of the day with work in the afternoon then off to Moora for dancing, then back to finish the school cleaning and then hockey AGM. I will be organised with a healthy snack to have in there somewhere. But I can almost guarantee there will also be a Diet Coke in there somewhere too. So far I might have one a week maybe 2. But this is a huge improvement for 2 to 3 a day.

On another note which may have a lot to do with my head space. I have been really tired this week. Yesterday I even had a sneaky nanna nap whilst bugalugs was sleeping. I am hoping this is just my body getting use to the new routine. I almost feel like (& don't get too excited) I do when I am first pregnant. Just constantly tired. (& a little cranky)

Has anyone else had this happen when they have started something like this??

Here are my stats
This weeks loss 900g
Total 12WBT loss 2.1kg
Total loss since starting Becoming Nikki 5.6kg

Sunday, 17 February 2013

12WBT Week One wrap up. Including disaster Saturday.

Week one is done and dusted. I have now done a full week of the 12WBT and I am feeling FANTABULOUS! I am loving try all the new recipes and I am not finding it all that hard to get up in the mornings to work out.

So here's how the week went:

Monday: All fired up as set to go. Got up and did my first work out before the day started. Pulled out my kitchen scales and weighed all my food. Thought they were trying to starve me when I read the amount of muesli I was allowed but it was very satisfying. Finished the day with a yummy meal that included chick peas. Never had them before but will definately be having this meal again it was YUMMO! 

Tuesday: Up nice and early again work out done. Wasn't too sure about the breaky meal but gave it a try and LOVED it. I'm a creature of habit so trying new things especially for breaky is a big change for me. Rest of the day went to plan. 

Wednesday: WEIGH IN! Lost 1.2kg since Monday. WOOHOO. Great motivator. Did my first Michelle Bridges DVD. You can read my previous post to see how this went. Lets just say it was my biggest work out to date. 

Thursday: Tried the toning work out however due to my shoulder injury couldn't do a few of the things. So not as great a work out as the day before but still burnt lots of calories. Spend a bit of time checking out more recipes and the forums on the 12WBT site. Also got next weeks plan. Very excited about the menu. Got in an extra bit of running in the afternoon at the oval with the kids. 

Friday: Ended up being out for the whole day. No snacks today. Very yummy chicken salad at the pub but should have asked for the dressing on the side. Went to a tupperware party which had yummy slices & sponge cake. I stuck to the carrot sticks and a couple of glasses of bubbles. Had a beautiful simple pizza for tea. 

Saturday: I think I should have stayed in bed!! Got up ready to do huge work out!!! Started and my legs were killing me so I gave up. We headed off to give away our puppy who is almost 12months old and we just don't have to time to give her the training she needs. The second time she chewed up the garden retic was the last straw. So we took her to a lady that re homes then. We talked the kids through it and they were fine. I was fine until we drove away. The I lost it. I was so sad worried that she would wonder what she had done wrong. Wondering when we were coming back to get her. Can't write any more about this or I will cry again. We then went onto Perth to do a food shop. On the way we stopped for lunch half the family had KFC Lochie & I had Hungry Jacks. I stood there looking at the menu at all the calories and because I was feeling so down I went bugger it. And got a burger, chips & diet coke. I felt guilty and never thought I was an emotional eater. But I guess I am. Then on our way home thought we should grab something for tea. So of the KFC we went. i had a piece of chicken and some chips as we left Perth. I then told myself I would have a salad for tea. But by the time we got home and unpacked I could not be bothered so had another 2 pieces of chicken. 

Sunday: BACK ON TRACK! Jumped on the scales and OMG had undone all my hard work. On the 12WBT Sunday is a no exercise day. BUT given the way Saturday had gone I knew I had to do something. So I had my yummy muesli before heading into work and spending 3hrs cleaning. That was a great work out. Wish I had worn my heart rate monitor. Get home and hubby is making piklets for the kids. I resisted stayed on track. Yummy salad for lunch and dinner. I spent the day feeling so guilty about what had happened Saturday. But I have learnt from it and will work on making the changes so it doesn't happen again. 

Jumped on the scales this morning and I am back to Wednesday mornings weight. I am looking forward to this week with some fantastic recipes and great work outs. I don't have any red flag days this week. So fingers crossed I can stay on track!!! 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Feel free to laugh at my expense

Here is a story about the last 2 mornings doing Michelle Bridges DVDs. Feel free to laugh or just shake your head and say 'Nikki, Nikki, Nikki' I promise you I have done both in the last 2 days as well as a few words that I can't put in here.

I ordered the DVDs last week and when they weren't in the mail on Monday I was disappointed but knowing what it is like getting mail from over east to here I wasn't surprised. I went in on Tuesday and there they were. Tight Toned Terrific, Super Shredder Circuit, Seek & Destroy Cardio Kicker. Just the names were making me sweat. On Tuesday afternoon I put on and sat down with my cuppa to have a bit of a squiz at what I was in for.

It didn't look so bad. They are broken down into 5 minute sessions. Not too bad I thought. The moves looked reasonably simple. No worries I thought. Oh how wrong I was!

Wednesday morning I slept in which should have been a sign to stay in bed! But up I got up and put on my sneakers all set to do the Seek & Destroy work out. Started not too bad. The warm up was over before I knew it. Moved on to the first 5 minute work out. You can choose to do low intensity but I thought 'No I'll be right'. And I was for the first 2 sessions. I was actually feeling quite co ordinated and thought I was killing it. Then I remembered I had only been going to 10 minutes. (not counting the warm up)

The third session was a bit  of the high impact and a lot of the low impact. By the fourth session I had my second wind or so I thought. About half way through bouncing & running around the lounge room  I could hear a beeping noise. I was looking around for one of the kids toys thinking my bouncing had shaken the floor that much that it had set off a toy. Which wouldn't surprise me. But no it was my heart rate monitor freaking out because my heart rate had gone too high! Pttf what would it know I was feeling fine. By fine I mean dripping in sweat, not being able to talk, almost ready to fall over but FINE. About this time I started to feel a slight pain in my chest. So maybe my heart rate monitor knew what it was talking about. Back to low impact I went. I thought I better not push it and didn't do the last 5 minute work out.

It took me about half an hour to recover and stop sweating. And all day I was feeling different parts of my legs. It can't have taken all my energy as I actually got a fair bit of house work done in the morning before heading off for an afternoon in Moora.

Today I did the Tight Toned Terrific work out. Mark had said he would do it with me. So when I woke up this morning I asked if he was still going to join in. I got a bit of a grunt in reply but by the time I was putting on my sneakers he was out dressed an getting his shoes. We started the warm up. AND...................he lasted about 2 minutes! Decided he was to uncoordinated and sat down to watch me. His excuse was bugalugs had woken up and wanted a cuddle. So I had an audience. If I thought my legs were hurting yesterday that was nothing compared with today's work out. I HATE LUNGES. My audience decided it would be a great idea to give me some critic. Which was really appreciated coming from someone who couldn't even last 2 minutes. I didn't swear at him nor did i throw anything at him. Mostly because I had nothing to throw. But he did get the death look of all death looks and he quickly retreated out of the room.

I couldn't do some of the sessions because of my shoulder injury but I still got a great work out. I did the ab work out on this DVD and OH LORDY! I do have muscles under there somewhere. I know this because I felt them. ALL OF THEM. I did recover quicker from this session and there was no mysterious beeping noise coming from my watch.

All in all I love these work outs. Mostly because they are in 5 minute sessions they are over before you know it and you are onto the next one. But you definitely work hard for those 5 minutes. The other thing is the steps are quite simple. Take no notice of the fact Mark couldn't do it. He may be able to do a great waltz but that's about where his co ordination ends. There is low impact options which is great if your starting out or your watch is beeping at you. I will do the Seek & Destroy one again tomorrow and hopefully get through all 5 sessions. Saturday I shall attempt the Super Shredder. Feel free to send me a message and check I am still alive on Saturday arvo.

This is in no way a sponsored post.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What have I signed up for?

Oh lordy what have I signed up for??? 12 WEEK BODY TRANSFORMATION that's what. So far it's not too hard. But did it have to start on one of the hottest weeks!!!

I am enjoying the recipes and eating different food. I never thought I would enjoy Chic Peas but I was very pleasantly surprised. I have a bit of work to go to convince Mark that the food is any good but I am working on it. I am also loving having a complete menu plan so I know exactly what I am eating when. Plus if there is a recipe that doesn't take your fancy (like mushroom sauce YUK) you can swap it with something else.

I was also a bit worried about portion sizes. Weighed my muesli out this morning and almost had a mini heart attack. 50grams.........................I even went back to the computer to check that I had written it down right. Then only 1/2 a cup of milk. OH LORDY! But then I was reminded by my helpful hubby to remember what the hypnotist said. So off I went with my bowl to eat my measly muesli. But I was almost at the end of the bowl when I realised I was full. AMAZEBALLS! These people actually DO know what they are talking about.

My Michelle Bridges DVDs arrive today so I am excited to give them a try tomorrow. I have been doing her workouts that she sends for the past 2 days.I have been getting up between 6 & 615am to get it done before the morning routine starts. I won't say before the kids are up because sometimes they are up before me.  So far so good. Tonight I am starting to feel the muscles in my legs and butt. Molly has started to imitate me doing the exercises and has her book out to write down what she has done.

Had grand plans to start doing extra fitness training today for hockey. But holey moley it was HOT! So no fitness tonight but will try again on Thursday afternoon. I have been going in to clean the school when Mark gets home at 5ish. It is still really hot and it is a great work out in itself. Will have to wear my HRM one day and see how many calories I burn.

I have weigh in for 12WBT tomorrow but will stick to my Saturday weigh in for here too. Gives me a little bit of an idea of how I am going half way through the week too. Who am I kidding I step on the scales every morning. I can't help it. It's an addiction. And one I have no plan to quit any time soon.

So have a great week. :)

Saturday, 9 February 2013


Last night we went into town to have drinks with friends who are up and moving to the other side of the country. While I am very happy for them selfishly I am not so happy that my drinking partner is leaving. Who is going to have a cold beer for me now when I finish a game of hockey???

I offered to be designated driver as I am far more capable of having a great night and staying later then the other adult of the house. If he was the sober one he would have been ready to leave at 8:30pm. So I offered to drive in the hopes that he would relax and we could have a great night out.

I came across my same predicament....What to drink? I had 2 Diet Cokes over the space of the evening. For which I got a few comments. Goes to show that people are actually reading this thing. Also I noticed a few people when they saw me looked me up and down. In my head they were looking to see if they could see the 4kg I have lost. More then likely they weren't they were just looking at me like they look at everyone else but of course in my mind IT'S ALL ABOUT ME.

But making all this so public is working I was very conscious of what I was eating. There were various nibbles out and I think I had one mini spring roll. I think I need to go out more often as I am sooo aware of what I am eating when I am out. Because you know in my mind every single person knows that I am trying to lose weight and be good so they are ALL watching me. IT IS ALL ABOUT ME!

I am at home tonight Mark is out for the night and kids are in bed so what do I have for tea. Chips. Oven baked chips but it doesn't stop there I cut up some bacon and grated some cheese. Then once the chips were cooked I topped it with the bacon and cheese put it back in the oven until the cheese melted. I have to admit it was yum! But if I was out there is no way I would have had it.

One bad meal after 4 weeks of being good is ok with me and I am not going to beat myself up about it. Shit happens and I am not going to let one meal throw me off the wagon. I had weigh in this morning and lost 700grams this week! So total weight loss to date is 4.1kg. YAY!

I am starting fitness training this week to get ready for hockey season. I am going to sit down tomorrow and work out a PLAN. Gotta have a plan. Plus this week will be a little less hectic. Big kids at school and bugalugs and I don't have many plans other then playgroup. So might be time to get on top of the bomb we call a house.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Easily distracted

It has been a full on week here with the start of school which means back to regular work for me. However Amelia and I have had something on every morning so far. We are such social little butterflies. I am looking forward to next week which will hopefully be a lot less hectic.

Incidentally my work outs haven't been happening this week. I need to get my butt out of bed and get them done in the mornings before the morning routine starts. I am working everyday cleaning the school which is a work out in itself. Especially in this hot weather.

I received my first week of the Michelle Bridges 12WBT this morning. It starts on Monday. I am excited to try new foods and recipes. Mark is not so excited he looked at the recipes and was not overly keen. However he promised me that once I reach his weight (which I am about 4kg away from) he will join me in my weight loss. So I am hoping that I will reach his weight soon and then we will be eating the same things.

Molly started dancing this week. She has never done dancing before but had been asking for a while now if she could do it. So after many arguments  discussions between Mark and I about the travel involved and time. I am of the opinion that our kids shouldn't miss out on things based on where we live. It is a 45min trip one way to get to dancing. I am the one who has to do it so if I am happy to then why not. He is worried about he km on the car, fuel etc. There is really only a couple of things the kids can be involved in out here so I like for them to make the most of opportunities they have.

Anyway that was a little bit of a digression from where I was headed. See my teachers were right I am easily distracted! I bet they didn't think I still would be at 32! I have also lost my train of thought so I will end it here. Have a great day and I will be back with weigh in results over the weekend. :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Friends, family & a pirate ship

And so the year has really begun. Kids off to school today. Molly is starting Pre Primary which means she is at school 5 days a week and Lochie starts yr1. So just Bugalugs and I at home all day! How's the serenity. (she is obviously sleeping at the moment)

So let me tell you about my weekend. I had my twin nephews fifth birthday on Saturday in Tammin which is about 2hrs away. So to make the most of the trip we went over on Friday and visited with our best friends. Our meaning mine and the kids. I have a wonderful friend and all our kids just happen to be born within months of each other. We met when Lochie was about 5 months old. We had moved to a new town when he was 3 months old. So we went to playgroup to meet new people and that is where the friendships blossomed. There and after many a hockey training at the pub avoiding going home to our families.

You know when you have a great friendship when you walk in their door and it almost feels like coming home. There is that comfort in being able to be completely yourself and being with someone who really knows you. Also knowing that your kids can run a muck and your not going to get judged. So the kids had a great time as happens when you put 6 kids 6 & under together there were the odd fights and tears. But over all they had a blast. And over a cuppa and lunch we solved the worlds problems. Well mostly we were talking about our hockey clubs and our kids but that is kinda our worlds at the moment.

We went to visit another friend who has just moved into her brand new house. I was so happy for her. For years she has lived in an old farm house where there was never enough room for her to have people over and the grout in the bathroom would fall out every time she cleaned it. There was even an outside toilet. So it was great to have the tour of her new house with freshly painted walls and new carpet. Also it meant more kids to play with and more time to catch up for us.

Then it was onto my sisters. We She spent Friday night making a pirate ship birthday cake whilst I offered very insightful advice and commentary. Well I thought it was insightful.(I even tried to claim the cake as mine by posting a pic on facebook with the caption 'look what I made') We had a lot of laughs and it was good catch up time. Once the kids were in bed.Once the cake was done and the lolly bags sorted we finally made it bed. Next morning was a 5:30am wake up call for everyone!! We spent the morning getting ready for the Pirate party and it was great seeing the kids get so excited.The cake was a HUGE hit although I think mostly for the treasures that were on it.

I had my first dose of feeling like people were watching what I was eating. Cos you know it's all about me and of course people have nothing better to do then read this blog and watch me eat. I guess that is part of me making it so public it means I am more aware of what I am doing. I had a few comments of 'Aren't you on Diet?' As I was eating a cheezel. And not being offered a champagne because people thought I was being good. But like I said I'm not on a diet I am just watching what I eat and drink and cutting back.

So all in all it was a great weekend to catch up with family and friends before we get back into the nitty gritty of school. Although one thing did come of this weekend. I am no hurry to go away for a few nights without my hubby. Although there were others to help out. It is still not the same as having dad there to off load a toddler who only wants to climb up and eat everything on the table or bench.

Yesterday afternoon I had great pleasure in going to my room shutting the door and reading/ sleeping for a few hours of peace and quiet. Was almost worth putting up with the kids on my own just to have a few hours of uninterrupted me time.