Tuesday, 26 February 2013

What a difference a week makes.

What a difference a week makes!!

This week I had no major disaster days. I exercised everyday except Sunday. I went to Perth Saturday had a healthy lunch (in a cafe kid free! OH SO WONDERFUL), I did have a cherry ripe on my way home.

So this week I lost 300grams. Which after my reaction last week to losing 900grams you may think I am going to freak out again. Well no for some reason I am in a MUCH better head space and have realised a loss is a loss. And it is much better then a gaining weight.

I am going to go back to listening to the recording from the hypnotist. I am finding some of the evening meals on the 12WBT are quite large portions. I know that it is all calculated etc. But I am finding that I am eating more then I would normally in the evenings. On part of the hypnotist programme is to half all your meal and bring portion sizes under control. I think with the whole 12WBT I have forgotten this.

So back to basics putting together all the bits I have learnt from the hypnotist & 12WBT. I will still be doing the exercise and meal programme from 12WBT and its' a great programme don't get me wrong but I think I need to also listen to my body.

Well we have another big afternoon of work/cleaning, dancing & more cleaning/working. Then possibly some drinks with a friend. We have been trying to catch up for a few weeks but something always comes up so fingers crossed tonight will work out.

So here are this weeks stats
weekly loss 300grams
Week 3 12WBT loss 2.5kg
Week 7 Total Loss 6kg

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  1. Great work Nikki on another loss! They all add up in the end don't they?! Being in the right head space makes all the difference too ... Keep up the great attitude .. Vic x