Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I've fallen and I can't get up.

I've fallen and I can't get up!!! 

Not sure what movie this is from but it is exactly how I am feeling at the moment. I feel like I am treading water but slowly running out of energy. 

I am really struggling with everything Nutrition, Exercise, Housework, Mothering, Wifey Duties etc etc etc. I feel very lost and all I want to do is lock myself away with a mountain of chocolate, a good book and say "Screw IT"!!!!! 

I spend Mondays and Tuesdays eating everything in sight and eating because I am bored. Then I spend the rest of the week being cross with myself and trying (rather unsuccessfully) to undo all the damage I have done in those few days. It is a vicious cycle. 

I'm really not sure what, when. why or how it has happened. But what I am trying to work out is how do I get out of it and how do I move on???? My days are blurring into one. I have been very lazy, tired, grumpy, lethargic etc etc. All the things that come with poor diet choices and no exercise. 

I am thinking that maybe fore the rest of this year rather then focusing on weight loss as it is completely doing my head in and making me feel like crap!! I will focus on maintenance and start again with the weight loss in the new year.  

I really don't know what to do or how to pull myself up. 

Maybe I should print this off and put it ALL over the house!!!! 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A whole new level of shame.

Those who know me, know that there are absolutely no traces of O.C.D in my personality. I have confessed before to not being a 'Domestic Goddess' (just for the record I HATE that phrase.) I always have a clean pile of washing on my 2 seater couch that needs folding, you would never want to eat off my floor, (3 second rule should be 1 second in my house) and my laundry basket is never empty. But then I don't know that many families ever have empty laundry baskets.

One of the things I love about living 20km out of town is that people don't just pop in unannounced. 9 times out of 10 people at least call first or give you a day or 2 notice. We do get the occasional friends who call in on their way somewhere which we love but most of the time we are in our own little world. So honestly my whole house is NEVER tidy let alone clean all at the same time. Usually the kitchen and dining room are OK but the bedrooms are a mess. And don't even get me started on the kids toy room.

Well yesterday the state of my house brought a whole new level of shame. When I got home from playgroup I discovered that the power points in my kitchen weren't working properly. I went through and eliminated all the usual triggers it was nothing to do with my appliances. So what would not NORMAL people do?? Call hubby and try and get it sorted. Our house comes with his job so if there is an issue it usually involves his boss coming to the house to try and sort it out. Which usually is great however I looked at the state of my house.....................it was a disaster!!!! The WHOLE house. Especially the kitchen and dining room. For the record the bathroom was sparkling clean!

So I put off making the call until I had at least cleaned those areas. Even scrubbed the stove top which was WAY overdue. Which meant it was about 4pm when I finally made the call and they came to check it out. Turns out there was something wrong over at the transformer and no one needed to come into the house. Western power had to come out and it was all fixed by about 8pm. Now had I been more organised and had a reasonably clean house this would have all been sorted by probably about 4pm and the poor Western Power guys wouldn't have been working in the dark.

Lesson learnt.......Get off my butt and clean the house. So that is today's plan. Mop the kitchen floor, Vacuum the rest of the house, Fold the mountain of washing and clean my bedroom which I need to do before I vacuum as you can't actually even see the carpet.

I won't say that it won't get to that state again but hopefully not for a while!! Sometimes you get stuck in a rut and need something to give you a good kick up the behind.

So I am off to put my workout clothes on, crank up the tunes and get this house sparkling!!!! Wish me luck!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Make changes not excuses.

There are lots of reasons excuses for why I can't exercise at the moment. The main one is that hubby is working long hours so I would have to get up super early I'm talking 5am. And as much as I am a morning person that is just crazy.

So yesterday I got up planning to do a workout DVD. But I really wanted to go outside. So I jumped on the treadmill on the verandah. After 15 minutes I realised that it really isn't for me. I don't know what it was but I was not enjoying it AT ALL. So I went and ran around the sheds. It's just over 200m. It was around 7am so I couldn't exactly leave the kids at home and go for a 5km run. As much as I wanted to. This way they could see me from the house and come and get me if need be. I ran and walked laps for about 25 minutes

Up around the shed then back around the tree. 

It got me thinking and planning. I came up with a bit of a circuit which I could do without going to far from the house. I did the exercises on the back lawn and ran the laps around the shed.
walk a lap
run a lap
15 squats
15 sit ups
15 running lunges & 15 jumping lunges (so each leg got 15)
10 burpees (almost KILLED me)
Plank 35sec

In the last round I changed the burpees for step ups. (15 each leg)

Here's how the morning went....... Got up at 6:30am and got the kids their breakfast. I made their lunches whilst they were eating and then I headed out to exercise. I told them what I was doing and where I would be. I asked them to get dressed while I was gone. Usually them getting dressed involves lots of 'MUM I can't find my skirt" "MUM I only have 1 sock" "Hurry up" "Turn off the TV and get dressed". OK so the last couple are usually me yelling but you get the idea.

I think this morning was the quickest and easiest morning we have had EVER!! OK maybe not ever but for a very long time. I had to take a couple of breaks to do up shoe laces and tie hair up. But they 'found' all their clothes, socks & shoes themselves. Lochie joined me for a running lap, then Molly joined me and they both joined me for the last lap.

The best part is that it was all done and dusted by 7:30 including the kids being ready for school. And I still got a great sweaty workout outside without leaving  the kids or getting up crazy early.

I had the best morning and proved to myself that I can fit in a great work out when the kids are around. I know that it won't always run that smoothly but we are off to a great start!!!!!

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Crunching the numbers

A new month, 7 weeks until Christmas & 8 weeks until 2014. 

What does all this mean????? Well for a start is means that I really need to get onto my Christmas shopping as all I have done so far is the kids big present from Father Christmas!!! I still have well over 20 gifts to buy not counting my kids and hubby. Every year I try and be more organised but every year at this time I am scrambling to get presents sorted. 

It also means 4 weeks until we can put the tree up and decorate the house. I LOVE Christmas and every that goes with it. We always put our tree up on the 1st December. This year we are buying a new tree and the kids are very excited. It also means that as Christmas is at my house this year I really need to get my S*#t together and get my house sorted. You know all those fun jobs like cleaning out the pantry, sorting the kitchen cupboards so that everything doesn't fall out when you open the door, all that extra cleaning (under the couches, dusting etc etc) and getting the yard sorted. 

I means time to set some goals and finish the year with a BANG! Go hard for 7 weeks and see how far I can get. If you remember back in January my goal was to be in a size 12 bottom and size 10 top by Christmas. Well..........this is still my aim however the time frame may have shifted. I will still try on my goal outfit on Christmas day. And if I can get the shorts done up and top on then I do believe that I will have won the bet with my brother. And he will be paying for my tattoo. (or a round of golf & night out in Perth if I chicken out of the tattoo)

So what are my goals for Christmas..........
I am currently at 83.9kg
My goals
Under 80kg by December 
75kg by Christmas. 
Which would mean I would have lost 31.6kg in 2013!!!!!!

8.9kg in 7 weeks. It's a big goal but this whole year has been about BIG goals. I know quite a few people have said that I couldn't do this so what better motivation can you get then proving them wrong!!!!

I have started NEW November which means each week I will try something new either a recipe, exercise or activity. I am looking forward to it as I have been in a bit of a rut lately. 

Onwards & Downwards!!!!!!!