Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter & my first weight gain.

Easter!!! Normally my second favourite holiday after Christmas of course. I love hot cross buns! My mum always had a rule that we couldn't have them until Good Friday. This is something I have tried to do also. Normally once Good Friday comes around I have a couple for breakfast and then morning tea etc etc. This year I tried to restrain myself and only had one at a time. Only 2 a day. I felt really good about this as it shows how much my mind set has changed.

We went camping for the weekend to my Mum & Dad's new little farm they have brought. We were free camping as in no power, no facilities, dirt, ants and lots of places for the kids to explore. We did have a generator, chemical toilet & camp shower. We bought a new top for our camper trailer and this was the first time we were using it. My sister also had a brand new camper trailer that they were using for the first time. Our kids now have their own room to sleep in which is fantastic. There is now a lot more room which is great.

As it was Easter we weren't allowed to have a fire which broke the heart of my 6yr old. Normally when we go camping like this we have a fire to cook on and toast marshmallows. However there was plenty to occupy ourselves with as Dad had a list of jobs for the boys and the kids were able to explore and get dirty be kids. We had rides on the back of the ute. I took my 14yr old niece for a drive in the ute. She did a great job even managed a 3 point turn. It was great having all the cousins there playing together. Also the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Moet!

We have an easter egg hunt on Sunday morning as soon as the kids get up. Normally the Easter Bunny buys nice Cadbury eggs including the flavoured ones. This year however as I didn't want to steal eat the kids choccies I just brought boring no name eggs. Much to the horror of a certain teenager who always finds the Cadbury ones and doesn't like to share them. Her Easter Bunny only buys the boring no name ones so she relies on Aunty Nik Nik for the good stuff. Although she did have a win this year as Aunty Tanya brought bigger Cadbury eggs for the hunt. So whilst the little kids were hunting for the little eggs she found the good stuff.

As it was Mark's birthday on Sunday and Mum's birthday on Monday we went out for lunch on Sunday to a lovely little pub in the middle of nowhere. It was a great little place which had a lovely playground for the kids and great food. They have a salad & vegie bar where you choose which piece of meat, chicken or fish you would like cooked and they cook it right there in front of you. The Salads all looked amazing however most of them had creamy dressing or where pasta, potato & rice. So I had a piece of chicken and some tomato, carrot, cucumber, cheese & a bit of coleslaw.   (Also some gravy as I have an addiction to gravy.) As we were walking past the salad bar and I had finished one of my BIL said "Oh that's all your having? That's right your on a diet." I wanted to scream "I AM NOT ON A DIET" The boys had MASSIVE steaks and most people left feeling stuffed. I was really happy to say that I left feeling satisfied. I didn't eat to much and I didn't feel like I missed out by not eating the potato bake or wedges.

I even managed to fit in a work out on Sunday morning. I measured along the driveway fence line some markers to do sprints. I had to do it on the driveway as that was the smoothest ground so I didn't roll an ankle or anything. Also I needed the fence as my markers. I felt much better afterwards even though I had to dodge the odd golf ball that was being hit in my direction by certain men boys.

I definately was aware all weekend of what I was putting in my mouth. And made smarter choices then I would have any other Easter. I had weigh in this morning and I gained 1.2kg. I am disapointed as it is the first time I have gained since I started however I am determined to not let it derail my plans.

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