Monday, 8 April 2013

Making the impossible possible. Or just a crazy plan to run 20km.

Whilst on my run/walk last night. I call it that because I can't say on my run when I only ran for half of it. And I can't call it a walk as I ran for half of it. Now that I have clarified that I will tell you what happens when you are lacking oxygen to the brain. You come up with insane great ideas to keep you motivated and moving. I know a few people (mostly men) who say their best ideas have come to them whilst they are (cough) in the loo. I can safely say this idea came when I was out in the fresh air. Although I was struggling to breathe that fresh air at the time.

This week as part of the 12WBT Michelle asked how we have made the impossible possible. I wrote in and talked about how at hockey training I am keeping up. Which has never happened to me. I have always been at the back of the runs and drills. Especially during pre season. So in the spirit of what Michelle asked I came up with my idea. Here it is.................

My plan is to run (and more then likely walk a bit) from my house into Miling. That is roughly 20kms. I told you I was suffering from lack of oxygen. I came home and told Mark. Thinking he would look at me like I was talking another language. But bless him his reaction was. "Great I will ride it with you". Have I mentioned how much I love him and how supportive he has been. I decided to tell you all on here as you have all been so supportive and I figure that it has worked for me so far. Now I have to do it!

So I had a few thoughts last night and here is the rough idea of what I was thinking. Although not to sure I was thinking at all.

I am thinking of the weekend of the 19th - 20th October. For a few reasons mainly it gives me 6 months to prepare. Harvest won't (finger crossed) have started. (our world revolves around doing things before and after seeding and harvest) It's after the school holidays. It's after hockey and football have well and truly finished.

I am opening it up for anyone to join me for all or part of the run. It will finish at the Miling Oval and we will have some sort of gathering there afterwards, sausage sizzle, bouncy castle etc.

I thought if I am going to do this I may as well raise some money along the way. While there are many fantastic causes out there that desperately need funds I am still to decide on exactly which cause I should choose. To raise money I will hold raffles, perhaps ask for donations from people who want to participate, seek sponsorship from businesses. Like I said I just came up with the idea last night so there are lots of kinks to be worked out.

If you have any suggestions or ideas please feel free to share them. Even if it is to tell me I am crazy.

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