Sunday, 7 April 2013

Being Nikki (not Mum) for a whole weekend.

We headed to Perth Friday night for our weekend away. We had my brother drop us off at the hotel. Saved us $100 for parking for 2 nights. It was great we got there just after 8pm, got changed and headed out for dinner. We had a beautiful ADULT dinner. We had it in the restaurant of the hotel which is definitely not kid friendly. Then went across the road to a lovely little Irish pub. They had a great band playing and we enjoyed our first night out together.

Saturday morning of course I couldn't sleep in. Always the way! I got up at 7am and got ready to walk the bridges. I told hubby which way I was going and he was going to meet me at Barrack St when I was done. Off I went. There were a few moments of culture shock. It was definitely different to exercising on the farm! First off there was water, green grass, a footpath & people! People! I was feeling a little self conscious when I headed out. Wondering if I would stick out like a sore thumb. I thought all the other people out exercising at that time of the day would be Victoria Secret models & Male models. Oh how wrong I was. There were people of all ages and sizes going at all paces from strolling to running and everything in between. My goal was to push myself to run as much of it as I could. I ran 1km at first then walked a bit then ran for 1.5km then walked and ran on and off. I got great motivation in over taking people and pushing myself. When I got to the Narrows Bridge I told myself I would run until I got to the bridge. Just as I was about to collapse in a heap, dripping with sweat I saw the best thing I had seen all morning. Hubby was standing under a tree waiting for me. I had never been happier to see him. We walked the last couple of kms together and it was great. Only took 1hr 23min. Which I was stoked with. 9.3km in under and hour and a half. And all before 9am!!!

After a MUCH needed shower. Oh lord was I stinky & sweaty. We headed off for a day which included breaky at Dome, shopping(including a $10 bargain top from David Jones), strolling around the city, walk forever to find a bottle shop, mid day relax back at the hotel, then off to a bar for a late lunch and drinks. We headed down to Barrack Street and settled in at the Lucky Shag. We managed to get a table and settled in for a quiet few. Which for Mark involves people watching. He is definitely getting better. When we first started dating he was a real country boy and going out often involved pointing whilst his eyes popped out of his head. It was during our 2nd pint and when lunch arrived that the healthy eating went out the window. We had a 'Mates plate' which was full of yummy deep fried food. Think spring rolls, samosas, salt & pepper squid, wedges etc. We didn't eat all of it but we did enjoy it.

Given that I have not drunk a lot since Christmas after 4 pints I peaked. I was on a great high and ready to take on the world. We headed back to get changed for dinner. Big mistake, HUGE! Should have just kicked on. Stopping off at a comfy hotel to get changed that is the thing of amateurs. Everyone knows you don't just keep going. So in the end we went to another nice pub for tea and it was a great meal. However we were back in our hotel by 8:30pm! And as much as i hate to admit it it was nice because I read my book, Mark watched tv & we just relaxed.

I was thankful Sunday morning as we both woke up early and Mark came with me for the whole 9.3km. Anyone who knows Mark knows that he is not really into exercise for the sake of exercise. So I was excited when he said he would come with me. There was a fun run on Sunday morning and we almost made it all the way around before they caught up with us. It didn't hinder us at all although it was squishy crossing the bridge with 5 million people around you. We did run a bit of the way. Yes Mark actually ran!

All in all we had a great weekend being adults and spending some much needed quality time together. I am feel really good about being able to fit exercise into our weekend away. We still enjoyed ourselves and I don't feel guilty about over indulging on Saturday afternoon. I made great food choices the rest of the time and I am still on track! A HUGE thank you to my parents as with out them this whole thing wouldn't have happened. The kids had a fantastic time and enjoyed Nanna & Pop time.

Now it's back to the real world with loads of washing to be done.  Here's hoping we can make this weekend away an annual thing.

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  1. Sounds perfect Nik! It definitely needs to be annual at least! Parents and kids both need timeout!