Tuesday, 30 April 2013

12WBT Round 1 Wrap Up & Setting New Goals

Today is the final day of round 1 of the 12WBT. I haven't finished on the best note. I had a gain of 1.9kg this week. I can come up with all the excuses in the world but what it comes down to is we went away for 4 days and in that time I tried to watch what I ate but I have done ZERO exercise this week!!!

When I say I watched what I ate what I really mean is I ordered salads & healthy options 99% of the time. BUT I also picked chips off Mark & the kids plates. And we had a few wine & beer tastings as you do when you are surrounded by wineries & breweries.

While I am disappointed with this weeks results I am keeping in mind that on the weekend I wore a size 16 dress to my cousins wedding. I have not been in a size 16 since I was about 16. I hadn't even realised the dress was a 16 until just before I put it on. I bought it 18 months ago because it was a 'bargain' and I knew I would fit into it one day. Well one day finally came on Saturday!

So here are my stats so far................
Total Loss 11.7kg
12WBT Loss 8.2kg
Total cm lost 26cm
I am now comfortably a size 18. Almost need to get a belt out for some of these pants.

I have also gone from a DD to a C bra size. Which I am happy with as long and I don't lose anymore from there. I have lost 8cm off my waist and 12.5cm off my hips. Those a numbers I am REALLY happy with.

So where to from here.
I am feeling really motivated and am loving the results I am seeing in my clothes. I'm not going to lie the compliments from people are also a GREAT motivation. Not only in real life but also on here & Facebook.

The next round of 12WBT starts on the 13th May. my first goal is to start that round back at last weeks weight of 93kg. If not under that.

Round 2 Goals
Weight loss - 13kg = 80kg
Size - 16
Fitness - run 5km
Family - spend more quality time being present!
House - Stay on top of housework & make a start on the garden.

We did a huge house cleaning blitz when we got home on Monday so I planning to maintain it! I do have mountains of washing to get through from being away and will work my through it folding and putting it away as I go. No more MT Washing taking over our lounge. I am looking forward to enjoying more time at home now that I have finished work!!!

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