Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A week of opposites & a pile of washing.

Weigh in day today. And I am feeling great. All those 9km run/walks have paid off and helped me work off all those beers and deep fried food from Saturday afternoon. I had a loss of 1.6kg. Which means I lost the 1.2kg I put on over the Easter weekend and then some. Gotta love it when hard work pays off.

This week has been a week of opposites. From hockey training Thursday night where I burnt over 1000 calories. To going for a run around the bridges in Perth. Where there were different sounds to those I am used to. Don't often have police sirens going off on our little rural road. I also don't normally have to worry about other people and trying to pass someone on a bridge with a group of bikes coming the other way. I don't normally get to exercise with my husband. Also traffic is not something I normally have to contend with. On my Monday night run/walk I had 2 trucks and 1 ute go past. A bit different to the hundreds of cars that went past in Perth.

We had a fantastic weekend in Perth on our own. But it didn't take long to be back to reality. The kids were in fine form. Lochie was unsettled at school on Monday, Molly was unsettled Sunday night & Amelia, well she is just Amelia. Back into being passing ships on Tuesday night as hubby comes home and I go to training. We have dancing this afternoon (which I have to fit work around) then Mark is off to a meeting tonight.

I have dropped the ball on the home front lately. There is a pile of clean washing that has been sitting on my couch for a week! I have had absolutely no motivation to fold it and put it away. I have not done much housework at all this past week. And I could tell last night that it was getting to Mark. He was rather cranky when he got home. Doing that silent stomping thing as he did a couple of jobs. It didn't help that as he pulled in the car port Lochie hit a ball into our kitchen window and cracked it. Which results in him telling Lochie off and Lochie 'running away' to the front gate. All this while I was trying to get ready for training. I managed to get Lochie to come home and into his room before I left.

So today I am going to change that and tackle the mountain of washing. I hate being in a disorganised mess of a house. But I barely have the motivation to do much about it. But I feel bad the Mark comes home to a mess everyday. Now I feel like a 1950's housewife! I have to leave for work at 1pm so I plan to work my butt off this morning and do as much as I can. Only a week and a bit of work to go and then I will have less interruptions to my day. And I will have more time to get my shit together!

So here are my weight loss stats.
Weekly Loss  1.6kg
12WBT Loss  7.7kg
Total Loss     11.1kg
5.4kg till under 90kg. Would love to hit this by end of 12WBT.
8.9kg till Moet!

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  1. Well done Nik! You know what if Lachie is anything like my brother - that will be just one of many ball and window incidents! These things happen!