Friday, 19 April 2013

Battered & Bruised

You know when kids fall over and graze their knee they cry and say how much it stings. Then you finally get them in the bath and they start crying again and try to sit in the most awkward position to keep the graze out of the water. Well I can now say they have my full sympathy.

Yesterday afternoon my Brother Rob and his beautiful daughter Indi came to visit. I had told my kids there would be a surprise for them after school. So when we arrived at school I didn't park in the car park I usually do as it would mean we would have to walk past their classroom and I didn't want them to see them. So we parked across the road. Silly decision as it turns out.

The teacher let Indi come in whilst they finished telling news and Lochie & Molly were both very excited and happy to see her. Once school was over the kids played for a bit and showed Rob around their classroom. I emptied the bins as it was technically my last day of work but because Rob is up I am going to go in on Sunday and do my FINAL clean.

As we left in full spirits the kids had gone to swap their booster seats into Uncle Bob's car for the drive home. I came out of the school gates laughing and lord only knows what. Then I tripped on a bit of slab poking up. I stumbled and couldn't stop myself. You know that slow motion stagger where you try to stop the actual fall. But half way down you know it's going to happen anyway. Well the worst was still to come. I put my hands out but somehow completely lost my balance and ended up face planting the path.

Still not to sure how my face ended up on the ground but I got up with blood on my lip and just under my eye. So feeling really silly I went to the toilets to check out the damage. It actually wasn't to bad at that stage. but my front tooth was sore and had a small chip. So we headed home with me feeling like an idiot. Seriously who falls over like that. And I hadn't even had a drink!

When we got home I iced it and it started to swell a little. Rob & Mark would look at me and try not to laugh. I put it on Facebook as I figured everyone would find out eventually. Plus it would save me answering the same questions at hockey today about what happened. It had completely ruined my night and the high spirits I was in that afternoon.

So I have woken up this morning with an even fatter lip and a puffy eye. My tooth is still sore but hopefully on the mend. We have our pre season hockey carnival today and I was looking forward to playing. Now I am a bit nervous. And not looking forward to getting sweat in my grazes. I also have my cousins wedding next weekend so I am really hoping it will clear up by then.

The wounds will heal and the swelling will go but I am sure I will be hearing about this from my family & so called friends for a long time to come. Between this and leaving my bags out the coast on the weekend I am giving them plenty of reasons to 'pull the piss'. If only I had parked in my usual spot!

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  1. lol your so called friends are glad your ok and didn't do too much damage. Have a great hockey day!