Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Time to set some new goals.

Today I reached my second major milestone. I am 10.8 kg lighter. My first mini goal was to get to double figures. Which I did a few weeks ago. My next mini goal was to lose 10kg. So now to set some new mini goals.

With Easter this weekend I am a little concerned about stepping on the scales next week. But I am determined not to undo my hard work. We will be camping on Mum & Dad's new 'farm'. It will be a great family weekend and I will find a way to fit in exercise. I have even brought no name brand hunting eggs for the kids so I won't eat them. I usually buy the Cadbury flavoured ones. And I have told hubby I don't want an egg this year.

My first mini goal is to get back to my pre Bugalugs weight which is 2kg away. I hope to do that in the next couple of weeks. My next major mini goal is to get under 90kg. I am 95.8 as of this morning. I want to reach this goal by the end of 12WBT round 1. I have 5 more weeks to do this.

I really feel like I have hit my stride in the last couple of weeks. I am not totally obsessing about food anymore and it is actually getting easier. Don't get me wrong there are days when all I want to do is eat. Not just eat but eat the fatty, horrible comfort food which a part of me still loves. But I am really starting to make smarter choices without feeling like I am missing out or depriving myself.

Last night was a perfect example. I came home from hockey training and hubby had made a lasagne. (he loves to cook) My heart almost dropped as I love lasagne especially on a cold night. But I used my self control and had a small piece that was at least half of what I would normally have. I was completely satisfied with this. I savoured every bite and thoroughly enjoyed it with out stuffing myself and feeling like crap afterwards.

So I am learning slowly. And this is normally where I fall down I hit the 10kg mark and think I have done such a great job this extra bit of junk food will be ok. So these new mini goals are a way to help keep me on track. I am feeling great and can only imagine how great I will feel when I can get into a size 16.

I also want to say again. Thank you everyone for the fantastic support. I love getting your messages of support and I honestly don't think I could keep it up if I didn't have all of you to be accountable to. So THANK YOU! And feel free to give me a kick up the bum if you think I need it.

So here are the stats for so far
Start weight 106.6kg
12WBT Start weight 103.1kg
12WBT loss 7.3kg
Total Loss 10.8kg
Current weight 95.8kg
I have another bottle of Moet ready for my next 10kg.
So 9.2kg till that next bottle.


  1. Fantastic - your hard work is paying off big time and by just reading your post I can feel your determination.. Good Luck over Easter, fortunately for me I have never been a big chocolate eater, wine seems to be my must avoid.. dammit.. :-)

  2. Nikki your doing a fabulous job and you are so right about the serving sizes. I had pasta for tea last night too - Mikala requested and I had half the amount I usually have and I was full. Its the knowing this I think thats important.