Sunday, 21 April 2013

Who forgets their wedding anniversary????

Sometime last week I realised that our wedding anniversary was coming up. 7 years of wedded bliss. Our first wedding anniversary we had a night away. Our first night away from Lochie who was 6 months old. Our second anniversary we went out for tea whilst a friend babysat and talked about baby names. It was about a month before Molly was due but as it turns out only a week before she was born. Since then we have never really done much just a card and maybe a special tea at home. 

However this year we both forgot! It wasn't until facebook reminded me this morning that I remembered. I am sure as the day went on I would have seen the date somewhere and been reminded. I have sent Mark a txt to check the date today. 

We got married in our small country town. This meant we spent the day before setting up the hall with all our wonderful helpers. Including our best mans girlfriend who had come over from Queensland and we had only just met. I had one foot stomping 'But I'm the bride' moment when my sister wanted to swap tables around. (we had round tables that seated 8 or 10) She wanted a bigger table for the 8 people at her table and the only 10 seater table left was the bridal table. We got married in the local Anglican Church where I had wanted to get married since I was a little girl. My parents where married there and my siblings and I were all christened there. It is a beautiful little church. 

My wedding day was one of the best days of my life. We were surrounded by family and friends and it was a great day. There were hiccups as there is with every wedding but that just made it even more memorable. I started the day with a family breakfast. I have 4 siblings none of them were in my bridal party. I had one bridesmaid, my lovely cousin. So to keep them involved in the day they all came over for breakfast at the B&B we were staying at. They then disappeared whilst we got ready and came back for photo's before the ceremony. 

Whilst I was being pampered and relaxing Mark was running around organising drinks and showing the photographer around our town. He apparently had little time to relax and enjoy a drink before it was time to head to the church. He got to the church but had forgotten the money to pay for the church. This was the first of a few hiccups which included me getting out of the car at the church with grease on my dress, warm beer at the reception just to name a few. 

We had the best night and danced until our feet hurt. I was 4 months pregnant so by the time midnight rolled around I was well and truly ready for bed. We headed to the local hotel for our wedding night. When we arrived we realised they had given us room 13! 

7 years on and 3 kids later our lives have changed many times. We are still best friends and share everything. Mark is an amazing husband and gives me amazing support. He helps out when I need him to with out being asked most days. He listens when I need to vent and has learnt to just listen rather then try and fix things. If I could have my wedding over again I would change a few things and I wish that the friends I have made since then could have been there to share our special day. 

I am off to check the freezer and see if there is something in there I can turn into a special dinner.


  1. Congras Nik and Mark. 7 years is a pretty special achievement!

  2. Thanks Annaleis, Somedays it seems like yesterday other days it seems like a lifetime ago.