Sunday, 5 May 2013

Seeding & Hockey have started!

It has been an interesting few days in our house. We finally had a few days of the school holidays at home with no plans. It was so nice to not have to go anywhere and to get on top of the washing! The kids were great 90% of the time. The older 2 kids played well together (it helps that Molly got some of her own GIRL leggo for her birthday) for 80% of the day. Then when Lochie wanted some chill out time Molly would play dolls & weddings.

We also started seeding. Well hubby started seeding which means I become a single mum for about a month. It all depends on the rain. We are really lucky that he has a very understanding boss as most years the guys will work 6 days a week and have Sundays off. This year they have decided to have Saturdays off. Well for next week anyway. The reason this is so important is that both myself and the boss's wife play hockey on Saturdays. And this Saturday we have a home game which means we need our husbands to look after the kids whilst we work in the kitchen, on the gate & play hockey. So whilst he has LONG days on the tractor I will have LONG days doing all the parenting on my own.

We had our first day of hockey. It started early leaving the house at 8:30am and getting home about 7pm. A long day for kids & Mum. Lochie & Molly both had Hook in2 Hockey. It is Lochie's 2nd year but Molly's first. When they were getting dressed Molly was all set and asked if she looked Beautiful. Lochie told her you have to look serious when you play hockey not beautiful. I don't think she was too happy with this reply. So after a quick stop at the sports shop to buy their sticks (nothing like being organised) they were all set and very excited. They both had a great time and Molly did beautiful dribbling so she tells me.
Looking both serious & beautiful.

We had a few hours between their hockey and my hockey so we went and did the food shopping before coming back to watch some other games. Luckily Mark came in to watch them while we played. Amelia was very excited as she hadn't seen him for 2 days. It definately made my life easier to have him there as I didn't have to worry about other people looking after them. We drew our game 2 all. It was a great game and great to see all our hard work from pre season paying off.

We went to the pub for a drink before we headed home. Lochie was in heaven as there were bigger boys there playing pool. Molly was in heaven as there was a Juke Box. And poor Amelia I think just needed to go home to bed. It was great to sit down with the girls, have a drink & a bit of a debrief. When Amelia was sitting on a stool pushing me away saying 'Bye Love you" I knew it was time to go home.

The end result was 3 very tired kids who slept most of the 45 minute drive home. And a hubby who got home just after I had done all the transfers.

Today I have had a very sick little baby. It included a trip to the hospital as she was having trouble breathing and I thought it may be a chest infection. But luckily it hadn't gone into her chest. So just a paranoid mother and a miserable little girl for the afternoon. Which threw all my plans of baking and running out the window. Plus we had visitors who had come up from Perth and were going to come out for a visit. Always the way when you actually have plans the kids quickly change that. Here's hoping she gets a good nights sleep tonight and is better in the morning.

I have been spending the day thinking about my goals for the next round of 12WBT. I am trying to be more specific and more realistic. I will think about it a little more, get out the diary and look at dates and get back to you on that. I did have another little victory today. I wore a belt for the first time in 3 years. And because I had to not for fashion. I wore these size 18 shorts yesterday and had to keep pulling them up so today out came the belt. WOOHOO! Size 16 here I come.
Wearing a belt for the first time in 3yrs! 

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