Sunday, 24 March 2013

A weekend of Temptations.

A weekend away usually means disaster for me and the scales. As much as I try to be good I find myself saying "You've been so good and little bit of naughty food won't hurt". However this weekend I changed my little voice in my head to say "No don't undo all your hard work. You have worked so hard don't undo it in one weekend".

We had a pretty full on weekend we left our home at about 5:30pm on Friday afternoon and got home at 10pm Sunday night. We had to call into the community BBQ on our way to Perth as Lochie (6) couldn't possibly miss out on seeing his friends who he had seen at school all day. We weren't staying for the BBQ so we all had something quick to eat before we left home. I had tuna on rice crackers. Kids had hot dogs. We got to Perth about 9:30pm which would usually mean we would call into Hungry Jacks or KFC on our way to my sisters. But this time we just kept driving.

Saturday morning I headed to the park next to my sisters house for a work out. My plan was to do the same work out we have been doing at hockey training. I had a little companion who only lasted the warm up lap and a couple of runs. I did our first running work out which involves running & walking and definitely gets my HRM beeping away. After that we usually do circuit work and running. The grass at the park was wet so I sent my little helper to get me a towel. He came back with a hand towel. I don't think I have lost that much weight that a hand towel will stop me getting wet when I try and do sit ups. So I did some squats and a plank for 45sec then ran across the oval. I was 25min into the work out and thinking about giving up. So I walked a lap of the oval and talked to myself. I decided that I would do the running work out again and then call it a day. Oh my lord!!! It was definitely a work out. My shirt was so wet from sweat I think I was carrying an extra couple of kilos! I finished the work out walking 3 laps around the park. End result 600+ calories burnt before 8:30am Saturday morning!

The weekend was full of temptation. Mark got a bucket of hot chips and they were perfect! I had about 6 of them but could easily have eaten the whole bucket! I had a chicken wrap for lunch Saturday & steak & salad for tea that night. Whilst out shopping on Saturday afternoon I treated the kids to an ice cream. I was very tempted to have a massive choc dipped waffle cone ice cream. Instead I had one scoop of sorbet in a cup. And it was delicious!!!

Sunday we didn't end up leaving Perth until 5:30pm and decided to call into Hungry Jacks to get them some tea. Hoping they would eat and then sleep all the way home. Temptation avoided again. We then stopped at the roadhouse to fuel up and Mark wanted something to eat. I was also hungry so I looked around for a healthy option although the fried hot food was looking very nice. I found some fruit salad in the fridge. I thought I had hit a winner but I should have taken it as a sign when the lady couldn't find the price for it. I was super excited at my healthy choice until I tried to put my fork into the watermelon. It was rubbery! Not fresh and crisp. Then tried the rockmelon. Same result. So no fruit salad, no fried food, nothing to eat until we got to Mum's for dinner. And I survived so clearly I wasn't that hungry after all.

So end result of my weekend full of temptation is that for the first time EVER I came home from a weekend in Perth having not put on weight!!! I am 1.1kg from losing 10kg and I am determined to get there sooner rather then later. It would be great to drink my bottle of Moet this weekend whilst camping on mum & dad's new farm.

Oh and on the topic of my mum. She has lost 11kg! I am so proud of her. She has struggled with her weight for a long time and I am so happy that she is finally getting the results.

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