Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Weekly weigh in, work life balance & housework.

So around came Wednesday Weigh In. As you know I have a scales addiction so I knew that I was heading in the right direction. And I was stoked to get on there this morning and see another 1.2kg gone!

When I started this I said I wasn't feeling brave enough to share my actual weight. I'm still not too sure I am but here goes nothing. I hit a big milestone this week and I am really stoked about it so I want to share. I am under 100kg! First time in 2 years. I was around 95kg when I fell pregnant with Bugalugs. That is the smallest I had been since I was about 17. That is my next mini goal to get to my pre 3rd pregnancy weight.

I have been struggling with the whole work/life balance this week. I do enjoy my work. Not so much the cleaning part but the pay day & socialising parts are great. However it is taking it's toll. Amelia is going through a stage of if I am out of her sight she freaks out and gets clingy. Also the older kids have reach the age of doing after school sports and activities. Which is great except that none of them are in our town. Which means a lot of running around for me which I don't mind but something has to give. I can see that once winter hits and you throw in seeding and my hockey & golf life is going to become very stressful.

To add to all this I am not the best housekeeper in the world. I blame genetics! And anyone who knows my family well will agree with me. I know my sisters will anyway. My house is pretty huge so I am really lucky that we have lots of space but it is a catch 22. Lots of space to me just means more crap. And no storage means nowhere to hide the crap! I don't even have a linen cupboard. we have been here 3 years and I am slowly working on it but it seems the whole house is never tidy at the same time. Normally it is the main living areas that are tidy and the bedrooms & hall look like a bomb has gone off. But thanks to mum's help on the weekend the bedrooms & hall are now ok just the rest of the house needs work.

I guess it is lucky we live on a farm as people don't tend to call in. They at least ring before hand so I have a little bit of warning. However maybe if I lived somewhere that people do just pop in I would be more inspired to keep the house tidier. All I can say is I can't wait for next week when the dishwasher is installed!!!!

So I am on a mission to get more organised with meals & housework before the chaos of winter starts. I am determined that the kids aren't going to miss out on sports & things just because it requires a bit of travel and more organisation from me.

Here are my stats for this week,
Weekly loss 1.2kg    
Total 12WBT 3.7kg  5cm off my waist & 3.5cm off my hips
Total Loss 7.2kg
Only 2.8kg till I can pop the cork on my bottle of Moet!!!!!

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  1. Keep at it Nicole your doing great and am very proud of you. It is so hard to lose weight, I only have 5 kilos to lose and I find that difficult. The fact that you are busy all the time is a good thing. Drink plenty of water and try and get 8 hours sleep (Ha Ha try doing that with all your lot). Love June.