Friday, 8 March 2013

I can run just not around in circles.

Let me start this by saying I hate dislike running! I have never been a runner. I will run on the sporting field. Well I try to anyway. But to just run for the sake of it has NEVER been my thing. I can never run a lap of the oval. I get to about 20 metres to go and I stop and walk. I could possibly jog all the way around.

I haven't done much exercise for the last week and a half. Why? Because ....Well..... I could give you a million excuses like Mark has been leaving the house before 6am so I can't go in the morning.  I could get up and do a dvd then but no. Basically there is no excuse. I just didn't fricken do it!!!

I did go down to the oval on Tuesday evening and do a work out. Which involved running and exercises. I did a bit on the hockey oval running the length of the field up and back then doing a set of sit up, squats etc. Then I moved down to the footy oval. I couldn't even run a lap. Almost but not quite. I thought maybe it was because I hadn't done much exercise for a week. But this morning I think I proved it is just all in my head.

I headed off this morning to do my 1km time trial. I did it 4 weeks ago and it took me 8min 25sec. So off I set this morning. Only a few hicups like I had on my pants that fall down and now my bra strap also needs tightening but don't realise that until I had started running. So between holding up my pants and pushing my bra strap back up my arms also got a work out. I had a plan to try and run for 2km and just time the first km. The lovely people at either the shire or main roads have marked every 2km on our road. On my home Thursday I worked out where half way was. Some lovely person left a big skid mark right at that spot.

I did my first 1km in 6min 10sec. I was pretty proud of that and was almost sick when I stopped. So I walk the next km. Got my breathe back, then turned around and ran 1km. This time I did it in 5min 45sec. Smashed it! So I spent the 1+km walk home trying to work out how it is I can run a km reasonably ok. But I can't run a lap of the footy oval???

Now I know that it is all in my head. There are lots of things that roll around in my head. Lets face it there is a bit of room up there. But I am determined that this is something that I am going to over come. If only I could run with a blind fold on so I wouldn't know when I am coming to the end of a lap.

Any tips for over coming this??????

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  1. yeah - make sure you do a warm up involving running. I.e. run throughs at half, 3/4 and sprint pace. You need to activate the muscles and systems you will use on the run. Then get your breathing right - find your natural rythym.

    sounds like your first kilometre got your body primed for a run and so your second kilometre was easier.

    As for running laps. Time yourself on the first lap (without walking slacker). If you don't make that time on your other laps give yourself a 25 burpee penalty, to be completed as soon as you finish the lap.