Thursday, 14 March 2013

FFS Friday


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So here is what has had me saying FFS this week

Went through my diary for the next few weeks. No time to scratch myself let alone get on top of the house work. FFS

Quit my job No FFS

Will miss the girls at work and being in the kids classroom everyday FFS

Started pre season hockey training, Was feeling really positive until after the warm up laps. FFS

By Thursday morning could hardly walk FFS

Lochie (6) came to me after running around waiting for his sister to finish dancing tells me his tooth has fallen out. Had no idea he had a wobbly tooth. It looked to small to be his tooth. Turns out it was a bit of a peanut from something he had been eating. FFS

Missed playgroup on Tuesday morning as it would have meant 3 trips to town and back totaling 120km. FFS

Living so far out of town has it's disadvantages FFS

Worked out why I am quitting my job when trying to clean the Art room with a toddler.FFS

Never mind trying to mop the floor and keep her off the wet parts. FFS

Kids have swimming carnival on Thursday I realise on Wednesday they don't have a red shirt. Both in Red faction so I buy them the faction top from town. Cost a small fortune FFS

Woke up Thursday morning to thunder storms & rain. FFS

Didn't know what was happening so got kids into swimming clothes & sports uniform. Only to get a phone call to say it was cancelled FFS

Was halfway through getting lunches sorted for carnival when phone call came (always do something different and special for carnivals) FFS

Had to explain to kids they couldn't wear there new faction shirt and they had to get changed FFS

Then run around like idiots to do their reading which we hadn't done the night before because they weren't meant to be at school Thursday FFS

Had the usual run around trying to find library books only to work out they had changed library to Friday FFS

Survived second hockey training of the week No FFS

Finally trying to get some washing & housework done No FFS

Trying to do housework with a toddler FFS

Kids have actually kept their toy room tidy for a whole week No FFS It has taken lots of encouragement and a bit of yelling FFS

Off to my first book club tonight. A night once a month kid free and to socialise with adults that doesn't involve running around like an idiot. No FFS

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