Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Words I never thought I would say!

Well it's a very exciting day for me. I have 'removed' 20.7kg. For those new to Becoming Nikki I never say that I have lost weight because if something is lost then you try and find it and I never want to find this weight again.

Since starting the journey I have found a whole new vocabulary. There are words coming out of my mouth for the first time in 33yrs.

"I love running"
"I can't wait for hockey training"
"I think I need a smaller size"
"No thanks I have had enough" (this is more for food then alcohol but I'm working on it)
"I ran a lazy 5, 7 or 8km on a Sunday morning"
"I have lost 10kg"
"I have lost 15kg"
"Yes I will happily tell you my weight" This happened on the weekend at the hospital.
and now I can say
"I HAVE LOST 20KG!" Something I could never imagine happening.

Here are a couple of little things I am also noticing with my 20kg weight removal. (sorry I can't stop saying that number)
My wedding & engagement rings are loose
My watch has become loose
My boobies have definitely shrunk. Which has been fine but they can stop now.
I am MUCH fitter
I am a better mum & wife. (although I was pretty good at those things already ;) )
My hair is healthier. Even my hairdresser commented.
My skin is clearer

Here is something I am struggling with though. Compliments. I love getting them but I am finding I don't really know how to respond. I always find myself saying shyly "Thanks but I still have a long way to go" Or "Thanks it's been hard work". Why can't I just say "Thanks yeah I have worked hard and I feel great."

I did my measurements this morning. I have lost 59cm! The biggest difference has been on my hips. I have lost 20cm from my hips!

Where to from here. Well my next mini goal is to get out of the obese range and into the overweight range on the BMI Chart. I only a couple of kilos away from that.

I am trying to concentrate on my running. As it is under a month until my half marathon run. So I want to get a few long runs in. I also want to look into when to start doing some toning exercises. Should I wait until I lose a bit more weight or should I start now??

Should I sign up for Round 3 of 12WBT??? I haven't really used it a lot this time around. Mostly just for a few recipes.

So here are this week's stats
Weekly removal: 1.3kg
Rnd 2 12 WBT: 6kg (this is the last week of this)
Total cm removed: 59cm
Total Weight Removed: 20.7kg!!!!

Need to some up with a reward for my next 10kg which is only 9.3kg away. I am open to any suggestions.


  1. I recently came across your FB page, and I'm just getting caught up on your incredible journey. Great job. Very inspiring!

    I slack on doing the strengthening part of my training, but I know how important it is for injury prevention, more efficient performance, and to build muscle and look more toned. Knowing it and doing it are two much different things though. :(

    My husband is a physical therapist and my "coach". He created a Plank Challenge to make core training more fun for me and our virtual running group. Here's the link if you're interested: http://90revolutions.com/plankchallenge/

    We're working on another fun challenge right now for whole body strengthening/obstacle course training. I can share that with you when it's done (it's free), if you're interested. I can't do gyms... they drive me crazy. :)

    1. Thanks I am doing a plank and squat challenge for August I figure I will start with that and see where it gets me. I live on a farm so no gym to go to for weights and things. Everything has to be done at home. Which I am very grateful for most days.