Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I have made a decision......

So since this whole putting myself out there and letting the whole world know what I am doing is working for me so far. I am going to put my next little challenge out there too. Given the shenanigans of last weekend. And several other occasions not only this year but the past 15yrs. Well maybe earlier then that but I turned 18, 15years ago so we will go with that. Drinking is really not my friend. Especially when I am trying to lose weight.

So here is the decision..... I am going to give up drinking until the 7th September. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! I am just not able to control myself. And it's not so much the drinking but the eating that goes with drinking and the day after.

Why until the 7/9/13 you ask. Well that is the date of our hockey grand final and I plan for my team to be in that grand final. And there is no way I am playing in (and winning) a grand final and not drinking afterwards. That would just be CRAZY.

There will be one exception to this and that is my nephews 18th birthday dinner which is on the 17th August. I will have a glass to toast him turning 18. But I will be the driver that night so that I will only be able to have one drink.

I will see how I go with this and then slowly start drinking again but I really just think it is something I need to do if I am going to reach my Christmas goal. Time to get serious!! 

Now what am I going to do about my bottle of Moet that I am oh so close to popping to celebrate losing 20kg. Well that will go into the esky to be popped after the final whistle. And if for some reason we don't make the grand final well then maybe I will drink it whilst watching the game. Or take it to watch my old team in their grand final.

Weigh in day today. I stayed the same as last week which took me by surprise. I am determined to hit that 20kg mark in the next week or 2. It is very frustrating that it is so close. I haven't been running this week as I have a massive head cold which today has meant blocked ears all day. I have hockey training tomorrow night which I am looking forward to as I just want to get out and do something!!

Not going to post my usual Wednesday weight stuff as it is exactly the same as last week. :)


  1. HI Niki,

    I think that is a amazing decision that you have made and I absolutely love your goal of buying yourself something and drinking the Moet last on. I am sure you will reach the 20 kilo mark in no time!! Your honesty is inspiring - I actually don't drink unless it is a special occasion the calories to me are not worth it please it doesn't really serve my liver too well.

    Good luck with your challenge I know you can do it!!

    Laura xx

    1. Thanks Laura, Well I have reached it and I am now 2 weeks without a drink. Tomorrow night after hockey will be my biggest test. But I am now determined. I didn't realise how often I would have one here or there and it all adds up. :)