Sunday, 7 July 2013

More Mini (major) Milestones Reach.

What a week it has been. I have been back on track and feeling more positive then I have for a while.

Last weekend we went to Perth and I went for a run. Not just any run I did 9km in an hour. I actually RAN for a WHOLE hour!! I know I was shocked too!! We ran 'around the block' twice it was all footpaths and traffic. We passed a couple of people out walking mostly older men off to get their Saturday paper from the corner shop.

Monday afternoon after planting veggies in our new planter boxes I ran around tidying the kitchen and getting tea organised so that when hubby got home I could go for a run before it was too dark. I did 6km and it was quite easy. As I was running along the gravel 'roads', dodging corrugations and pot holes I was thinking about how different this run was from the one I had done on Saturday morning. No foothpaths, green grass, ocean views etc. But also fresh air, peace, the odd kangaroo checking to see what I am doing and no one could see me. No traffic, no other runners or walkers, no stopping to cross roads.

Here are the roads I run on and I wouldn't change it for anything!!! Well perhaps fewer corrugations but other then that I love it.

Also today I received some clothes from a friend. I love hand me downs!! So I had a little fashion parade this afternoon in front of the whole family. I brought the mirror from my bedroom into the lounge so I could get changed in the warmest room in the house. Some things fit, some didn't. Some I thought I would just try to see how far away I was from fitting into that size.

There was a pair of Target Hot Option size 14 jeans. I looked at them and told hubby I would try them on to see. But wasn't expecting to A. be able to pull them up all the way and B. be able to do them up. Well I could do both!!! Admittedly they didn't look very attractive as there was a major muffin top happening actually it was more like a volcano exploding. BUT I got them on and done up! There were also a couple of size 14 dresses which fit.
Size 14 first time since I was 14. Only 19yrs ago. 

So all in all I have had a great week. I am back on track after a couple of so-so weeks. It's school holidays for us so I am looking forward to spending some time with my older kids. We have no real plans which I love. There will be a few pyjama days, baking days & visits to friends. And there will be running. Especially after the roast pork we had for dinner tonight!!


  1. Wow, well done. Fabulous that you can run for an hour. And great to be the size you were when you were 14.

  2. 9 km in an hour, you rockstar you!!! That's a fantastic time. As for hand-me-downs, I hear you! One of the ladies from my work gave me a bag of clothes a couple of months back. What a moment that was, so much fun. She had excellent taste in clothes I might add. A definite pay it forward moment, for I too will be doing the same thing when I have any decent clothes that have gotten too big.