Thursday, 18 July 2013

The family that eats together........

It's been a busy week here. Kids and I spent a few days away. Including a night with a sick toddler which meant only 2hrs sleep before a big day in Perth. Luckily she cheered up a little and now jsut has a very horrible cough and runny nose.

I was prepared before I went away and made some soup and Dahl to take with me. It was the easiest things I could think of to make and take with me. I nearly relented and bought some comfort food for lunch. Red Rooster was looking pretty damn good. As was the chocolates at the servo when I stopped to get fuel on the way home. BUT I didn't!

I have been eating seperate meals to the family probably 5 nights a week. It has been ok as normally the kids eat early and then hubby and I eat once they are in bed. But this sometimes can mean I am making 3 different meals a night. Not something that can really work long term. I am still trying to convert hubby into eating the same meals as me but it is a work in progress. Plus it is well past the time when we should be sitting down and eating as a family.

We go through phases or should I say I go through phases of us all sitting together for tea. It usually works for a few weeks but then life gets in the way and we go back to the kids eating early at the kitchen bench. More often then not we are watching the news while this is happening. Not exactly great parenting but there you go.

So we are back to eating at the table and all eating the same meal. Another added bonus is that the table gets cleared every night. It does become a dumping ground. Tonight we had chops, mashed pumpkin & potato, carrots, peas & corn. It was very yummy and I just had smaller portions. The kids ate all their tea without any complaints. Even little miss strong willed 2yr old ate everything!

Since I missed my post yesterday with all my weigh in results here it is. I gained 300grams. Which all things considered I was ok with. Although a little frustrated as had it been 300 gram loss I would have been jumping with joy at reaching 20kg removed! I am determined to reach that goal this week.

So here are this weeks stats
Weekly results 300g gain
Rnd 2 12WBT 4.7kg
Total Loss  19.4Kg
600 grams till that bottle of Moet!!!!! So close but yet so far. Lucky I didn't put it in the fridge. ;)


  1. It's only my husband and I here and we've been eating separate meals, but it's been okay. I've been running or gymming after work and come home and have one of my pre-cooked meals that I've frozen,and hubby has been making his own dinner which he prefers, hmmmm, because he piles his plate with mash. No wonder he's quick to tell me "no honey, I can do my own dinner tonight". Then we'll have weeks when he'll just eat 12wbt with me, just bigger serves of it.

    Almost 20kg, I bet you'll come back with a vengeance next weigh in. Maybe this was a little shock your body needed. You are completely blitzing it though when you look at the big picture.


    1. Hi Carol, sorry for my late reply. I love your messages. We have now now been eating as a family almost every night. It is great and only occasionally am I eating something different to the rest of the family. I have reach my 20kg milestone so 15kg to go!

      Thanks for the support.
      Nikki :)

  2. We eat as a family when Rich is home so the kids see us eating and hopefully one day they will eat good like us. With a very fussy eater it's what works. However being able to eat in peace is nice too.