Thursday, 1 August 2013

5min plank, 200 squats, 18km & 5.9kg. Can I do all this in August???

The start of a new month and another milestone reach. Did you hear I hit the 20kg mark. 20.7kg to be exact! I think the whole world must know it by now. What's next??? Well I have decided to set myself some goals for the month of August as since going public has been working for me so far I am putting them out there for the world to see.

Some of these might be hard to reach but I feel like I am at the stage where I need to push myself. And hopefully my alcohol ban will help me reach these.

I am doing a plank & squats challenge. So by the end of the month I will be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes and do 200 squats. I am a little skeptical about these but I am going to give it a go. Time to start doing something other then running. And after flashing my tummy to all the hockey girls last night I really need to start working on my tummy. Not to mention I blinded them with how white my tummy is. It hasn't seen daylight since I was about 14!

I got some great running advice last night and I am going to increase my running by 2km each week. I am starting this Sunday by running 12km. So by the end of August I will be running 18km. WOW!! That doesn't seem possible at the moment either. This goal may be adjusted to 1km a week. Will see how I go and let you know.

As for my weight loss goal for August. Well I am going to really try to lose 5.9kg. Which would put me at 80kg. Now given that it has just taken me 12 weeks to lose this same amount it is also a pretty big goal. But I am re committed to pulling my finger out and losing this last 15kg. Hopefully with the above exercises, the alcohol ban & watching everything that goes into my mouth I can achieve all this.

These all didn't seem that scary until I wrote them down. Now I am thinking I may have bitten off more then I can chew. I am not going to beat myself up if I don't achieve all these but I am going to give it a red hot go. And if I need any inspiration I will get it from the size 14 shorts I ordered yesterday that I am sure I don't fit into now but hope to very soon. I will let you know when they come.

This is what will get me there! Think I may need to print this out and put it on the fridge. 

Has anyone else set themselves some challenges for August? Do you set big goals or smaller more achievable goals??


  1. With your committment Nik you can do it. I bought some size 14 skinny jeans the other week and that felt good for a moment but then I realised I needed to pull my finger out because size 12 sounds much better. I'm doing it one skinny pair of jeans at a time :)

  2. Yeah my skinny jeans are very comfy at the moment so will need to go down a size soon.

  3. All totally achievable.

    I love doing the 30 day challenges, particularly when its in the middle of winter and cold and rainy and too muddy to run. I'm also doing the 30 day squat challenge, I'm on day 7 and its all good so far. I'm also doing 50 jumping jacks, 10 pushups, 30 crunches, 20 mountain climbers and a 30 second plank every morning before I have a shower. I'm finding that so much easier to work into my 'routine' and then I don't have to feel guilty if I don't go for a run that day - and some days I do it twice a day or do more crunches or pushups - before both showers. On the days when I do that and manage a run I feel like superwoman... And oh so proud of myself!

    I'm always scouring pinterest for inspiration for more 30 day or 'easy-to-slip-into-your-routine-without-feeling-like-you're-exercising' ideas.

    Goodluck Nikki, you're doing a great job.