Sunday, 21 July 2013

Always have a plan....and other lessons learnt from the weekend.

Well it's the start of a new week and the last couple of days of school holidays for us. The kids go back on Wednesday. I have to say I have really enjoyed these holidays. We have not done much at all. Which I think has been the best part. Just a bit of down time at home.

On the weekend we shipped the kids off to Nanna & Pop's place so that we could have a night out in Perth with some friends. We met Mum half way between our place and theirs (about 45min drive) before hockey so that we could head straight to Perth from there. We had decided to book into a hotel just down the road from where we were going so that we could both have a drink and not have to fight worry about who was driving. This may have been my first mistake.

We arrived in plenty of time to get ready. I had literally come straight from hockey. Still had my uniform on shin pads and all. I did wonder why a girl in the bottle shop where we stopped on the way down was looking at my funny. Here was everyone dressed up grabbing their drinks for a night out and here I was in my hockey clothes. So nice hot shower, hair dried and straightened, make up, SKINNY jeans, knee high boots, warm top & I was ready to go. Also a few glasses of bubbles whilst all this was taking place. Probably my second mistake.

All set for a night out.

We headed to a lovely pub and were greeted with a glass of bubbles from our lovely hosts. Now here is where things started to go wrong. I didn't have a plan!!! So far this year when I have gone out knowing I will be drinking I have had a plan either in my head or with my hubby. Normally it includes watching how much I drink and making sure I have water. Also making sure I EAT. I had no plans Saturday night. We were supposed to order dinner but as happens when you are out we all got talking and drinking and by the time we went to order dinner the kitchen was closed! No problem we would just go somewhere else. Only problem was no where else was open. 

So at about 11pm we did a disappearing act and decided to order pizza on the way back to our hotel. Now this is where my memory is a little fuzzy. As I had been drinking bubbles for 5 hours with no water and hadn't eaten since I had a toasted sandwich at lunch time. 

Fast forward to 7am Sunday, oh lordy! This is why I normally have a plan. Not only was I feeling 'precious' as hubby puts it but my head cold that had been starting to develop for a few days was now taking over my body. I think what I was most disappointed about was that I had planned to go for a run along the beach on Sunday morning and I was really looking forward to it. So instead we went for breakfast and watch all the other healthy people out going for their runs. 

We packed up and headed to the shops to grab a few things before we headed to pick up the kids. As you do when you are feeling the effect of a big night out I ate things I shouldn't have. For the first time in ages I had some yummy Red Rooster. Although the chips weren't all that nice which was a good thing.

We picked up the kids and were home by 6pm. All very tired and worn out from a busy weekend. The kids spent the weekend at Mum & Dad's new block planting trees, toasting marshmallows, building fences and having a blast.

Trying to look happy and refreshed whilst feeling like death.

So lessons have been learnt from the weekend!! Always have a plan when going out for a big night. Even if your not planning on it being a big night. Always eat if you are going to drink. Always have someone who can make you eat or drink water. And maybe being the driver is a good option to stay on track. We did however have a great night and met some great people. Just wish I had of pulled up a bit better on Sunday. 

So now I am trying to suck it up and get back on track for this week. I am not going for a run tonight as I am playing netball instead. I am trying to decided if I should sign up for round 3 of Michelle Bridges 12WBT. I do enjoy it but I am not really using it as it is intended. I am mainly using the recipes and I do still love her mind set videos but I am not following the 'plans'.  

Have a great week I am off to die quietly in a corner somewhere whilst bugalugs is having her sleep and the older 2 are watching tv. 

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