Wednesday, 10 July 2013

I have collar bones!!!

As I have said more then once I am loving all the new things I am discovering along this 'journey'. There are foods I have never tried and now love, there are clothes and shops I am discovering and there are parts of my body I am discovering also.

I actually have collar bones!! And you can now see that I have them!!!! I remember a month or so ago I was on the phone to a friend and I rubbed my neck. I felt my collar bones and told her 'oh my god I have collar bones'. We both had a bit of a giggle about it. Then on Monday I was looking in the mirror when I was washing my hands and realised you can SEE my collar bones. I was excited my this and told hubby. He didn't quite get my excitement but he is male so I will let him off.

Not the best pic but you get the idea. 

I also go through phases in my food. At the moment I am loving pizza's for lunch. I have tried lots of different toppings. Yesterday and today I had roasted pumpkin & feta. It was so yummy. I use a multi grain wrap as the base and tomato pizza sauce then just add toppings and herbs. My favourite spice at the moment is Moroccan spice mix. I have even got the kids hooked onto these pizza's for lunch during the holidays. Lochie loves trying to work out what topping he can have each day. 

Another thing I have noticed just in the last few weeks is the amount of energy I have. I am bouncing off the walls and jumping around the place. Quite literally! Mark is wondering what is going on with his wife. He comes home and I can't sit still. The kids are loving that I am playing with them more. Molly loves it when we put music on and dance around the house. (another time when I am happy we live on a farm)

If you follow my facebook page you will have seen my weigh in update yesterday. I am sooooo close the that next bottle of Moet I am tempted to put it in the fridge. 

Weekly Weigh In: 2kg removed
Round 2 12WBT: 5kg
Total removed: 19.7kg
Total until next bottle of Moet: 300grams!!!!! 
Almost all nice even numbers.

This weeks results show what can happen when you put your mind to it. The only thing I really changed is I didn't drink on Saturday night after hockey. I had 2 beers after the game then I stopped. I picked at the kids chips and nuggets they had for tea. But we went home and I had yummy eggs on toast for tea. We had roast pork for tea Sunday night and we won't  be having it again for a while as I have learnt this is not a meal where I can have any self control. Crackling, apple sauce, gravy etc!

Is there a meal that you love and find you have no self control???

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  1. Yep, they are definitely collar bones. Go you! It's like a complete discovery, body doing things it used to find hard, parts of our body we like, foods, exercise, it's quite wonderful.

    Loving the look of your pizza, yum. I adore feta on pizza, just that perfect tang.

    Hmmmm will have to come back to the question of the meal and no self-control. There are too many of them to count! ha.