Wednesday, 15 May 2013

20 weeks in and I can actually run!!!

Things have been a bit hectic here this week. Although no more then usual really. Can you believe it has been 20 weeks since I started this whole change?? I can't! I am amazed that nearly half a year has gone. I am on track having lost on average 700grams a week. Hopefully by doing it slowly and focusing on fitness as well as weight loss I am making lasting changes.

I had a mini exercise break through on Tuesday afternoon. If you remember a few months ago I said how I struggle to run a lap of the oval. I could run a km on the road but as soon as I got on that oval I couldn't do more then a lap. Well last week I ran 2 laps in a row which I was stoked about. Then on Tuesday half way through my second lap I thought I will just keep going. Well I managed 3 laps and only stopped because I had to do a wee. (always happens when I start running) Our oval is about 600 metres around the edge so that's 1.8kms!!! I was very excited although the excitement was lost on the kids.

I had a great weigh in day yesterday. Lost removed 700grams. I have said before that I am addicted to my scales. And it works for me.
Here is how my week goes........
Wednesday  - weigh in normally great
Thursday - more weight gone
Friday - little bit more gone
Saturday - about the same as Friday
Sunday - weigh a bit more the Saturday
Monday - weigh a bit more then Sunday
Tuesday - dropped weekend weight.

So I sometimes feel like I spend Monday & Tuesday catching up from the weekend. I don't do anything drastic on these days I just get back on track. You still have to live and that's what weekends are for. I really am one of those people who needs the daily weigh in as otherwise I would be having lots of little extras thinking it's ok because I lost weight on the Wednesday. I need it to keep me in check. And hey, it has worked for the last 20 weeks so why change it now.

Something else I want to touch on is forums. I find them really hard work! It's feels like everyone knows everyone and they have a little club going. It's also hard to work out which forum best suits you. I delved into the 12wbt forums a few times. I found some great advice and everyone was really friendly. I posted my blog links in the blog forum. I also found it very time consuming. I am sure once you work out what you are doing this isn't the case.

Does anyone have any advice? I would love to get a bit more involved but I am struggling with it all at the moment.

So here are the stats
Total loss 15.3kg
Weekly Loss 700grams
Rd 2 12WBT loss 700grams
Size 18 pants starting to get loose and have lost 2 cups sizes from my boobies. (happy with this but don't want to lose any more from there)
4.7kg till next bottle of Moet!


  1. Hi Nikki. Well done on your running achievement! As for the forums, I'm still trying to find my way around them without spending half the day doing it. I also work full time and do have a life as well! I agree it can be really time consuming. So I guess I don't have any advice for you as I'm experiencing the same thing!


    1. Thanks Cathy at least I know I am not the only one. I guess once you work it all out it MUST get easier and quicker. Do you have a blog? If so let me know what it is I would love to have a read. :)

  2. Oh man, I totally agree with you on the forums thing! It does seem a bit clique-y and extremely time consuming. It's actually a bit of a headache. I reckon having people you know or one or two similar people to cling to might help. I have to say, for me, I get a lot of motivation out of reading your blog. I only wish I could repay the favour but I can't be arsed writing about myself! So thanks and sorry all at once! :-P
    However, maybe you too can find inspiration in the blogs of others?
    Jen x

    1. AWWWE Jen, Thanks. I have found a few blogs some from overseas too where people have lost weight the healthy way and have their recipes. Might spend a bit of time this week trying to find my favourite ones and keeping up with all their posts.

      Thanks xo

  3. What a great blog you have, I'm working backwards!! As for the forums, it's so big, it's hard to develop relationships which in turn add to your own support group. Its good if you can find someone who is in a similar situation as you and follow them, but then if they are not in the same wanting to hook up frame of mind they may consider it stalking!! Ha.

    My advice is to use the forums as inspiration, knowing you are not alone, but also find some Facebook groups. I've found our Warrnambool & Surrounds FB group invaluable, and would go on to say I wouldn't have lasted this long if not for their support. Even if there is not a group in your immediate area, there may be a young mums 12wbt group, a state group, an age group. It's that continual support that is the best.

    As for the grass running I hear you! It's like running through quicksand I think. I much prefer gravel or road running, probably not the best for these old knees though. Keep up the fantastic work.