Wednesday, 22 May 2013

WARNING this post is about spew and pooh.

So if you read my post on Saturday you would have some idea of why I haven't posted since then. The dreaded gastro bug that had been working it's way through our small community finally hit our house on Saturday and has worked it's way through the almost the whole family. Hubby is the only one who has remained untouched. I put it down to the fact that he isn't home much at the moment.

I managed to last until Tuesday night and after all 3 kids had come down with it before I finally caught it. Although I should say it caught me because I definitely wasn't chasing it. It's funny how different kids cope with these things. Molly who is 5 was great she made it to the bathroom each time and whilst she cried every time she was really good at the follow up, washing hands, blowing nose, wiping her face, drink of water etc.

Amelia ,almost 2, well she was a pretty typical toddler. First off she freaked out at the feel of needing to be sick. Then she couldn't tell me when she was going to be sick. And finally I couldn't get her to understand that she couldn't eat anything or have her bottle of milk as that would just make her feel even worse. She was also very good at covering her mum in spew whilst she remained perfectly untouched!!! Which is how I ended up going through 5 changes of clothes on a day when we had 14ml of rain so getting washing dry was impossible.

Then it was Lochie's turn. Luckily enough we left football training early as he said he didn't feel well. We had been home all of 10 minutes when he was in the shower and it started. I am so glad we left football early it is much easier to clean a bath then a car! I don't know if it's a boy and girl thing or what but he was the complete opposite to Molly. I don't think he made it to the bathroom once!

After feeling queazie for days and cleaning up everyone elses 'accidents' it finally got me. It was only a matter of time really. The joys of being a mum. Another joy of being a mum is being sick and all you want to do is sleep but you have a toddler and a sick 6yr old to look after. All I kept thinking was if Mark had this he would be in bed whilst I looked after him and everyone else. I must admit it made me a bit jealous.

I do have to say that through all this Mark was really great. He came home for an hour on Monday morning to get Lochie & Molly ready for school as with a toddler being sick everywhere I just couldn't function very well. And yesterday when I was sick he came home and got Molly ready. He also came home early last night and did the dinner, bath and bed routine for me.

We are all finally healthy again and now I am spending the day catching up on washing & housework. Although my bathroom is the cleanest room in the house and has been disinfected more times this week then it would normally be in a year. Also getting ready for another home game of hockey this weekend which means I may actually do some baking today.

With a little help from the gastro fairy troll I had a good weigh in this week. I lost 1.2kg and I am determined not to put it back on now that I can eat again. This loss put me into the 80's! (just) So here are the stats so far.

Weekly Weight Loss 1.2kg
Round 2 Loss 2.1kg
Total Loss 16.8kg
1.2kg till half way
3.2kg till bottle of Moet

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