Saturday, 18 May 2013

Not quite what I had planned for the weekend.

When you have kids you can make plans but they don't always work out. Never more true then this weekend. It started last weekend when a gastro bug started spreading through our small school. Each day it seemed another family had been struck. We had no hockey this weekend so I had made plans to go and visit my nephew for his 10th birthday as well as visit my old town and watch my old hockey team play their first game of the season. I was also hosting Book Club on Friday night so I was sure it would hit us Friday after I had cleaned the house and was all organised and ready.

All was well and we had a great night Friday night. I love having people over not only does it MAKE me clean the house but it's also nice when you can just crawl into bed afterwards and don't have to drive home. Only problem was I wasn't watching what I drank and drank to much. AGAIN! I really need to remember that as my physical fitness has improved my drinking fitness has taken a hit and I need to slow down!

I was woken at about 2am by Molly not feeling well and it was all down hill from there. She had me up on and off for the rest of the night then perked up a bit first thing in the morning. I thought we may have been ok. But driving for 2hrs with a kid who has been sick during the night was not something I was too keen on. Never mind spreading it around the state. Within 10 minutes of me making phone calls and sending txt messages to tell everyone we weren't going anywhere she was back in the bathroom.

My day was spent washing and disinfecting everything she touched. Giving lessons in hand washing AGAIN. Then all she wanted to do was sit on my knee. Which was fine with me but not so fine with the almost 2yr old who thinks her mum's knee is just for her. She did have a sleep for an hour or so in which time I managed to clean the kitchen and start making pumpkin soup. Only problem was when I got to the point of putting it together and blending it she woke up worse! And trying to cook whilst cleaning up a gastro riddled 5yr old doesn't really work. So it was back to cuddles on the couch.

We ended up with all of us in the lounge room watching a movie. As much as I really wanted to go visiting it was really nice to have a day at home and veg out with the kids. I could have done without the spewing and poohing. But the day ended well.

Today hubby is home which makes it the first time in almost 3 weeks that we are all home together. The only plan is Lochie has football at lunch time. In the interest of the health of everyone it will be a father son trip to footy today. I am planning a run at some point today. My other plan is to clean our bedroom up! It has been a dumping ground of late. It is right down the other end of our house so it is that place where things get put when there isn't enough time to put them away properly. And where washing doesn't always get put away. The folded piles get put on the bed then at bed time then just get moved to the floor. It's also always the last room in the house to get cleaned up as I never spend any time in their during the day (unless it's to dump things) and every night when I go to bed I tell myself I will tidy it tomorrow.

So I better get off here finish my cuppa and get started! Before the next member of the household is struck down with the dreaded gastro bug.  Happy Sunday everyone. I may even get really motivated and post before & after pics of my bedroom. Although maybe just the after as the before might be a touch to much to share.

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  1. Well, at least you had a wonderful excuse for cuddles on the couch! I had a similar situation last Wednesday - although thankfully my daughter got all her chucks out at preschool before I could pick her up! (She was quite proud of the fact that she managed to do all her chucking there and not home!).

    And honestly, tidy houses are for people without children! And everyone knows that a laundry basket is the perfect place to store clothes.