Monday, 27 May 2013

Found my motivation but lost my will power

I have finally found my motivation to get my house in order! Has only taken 5 months. Although some would say it has taken me 32 years. I have never been an overly tidy person. My house is clean don't get me wrong but always a mess. I can't even blame it on the kids as it was like it before they came along.

I am not too sure what has sparked this little burst of house organising motivation but I am just going with it. Last weekend I got our bedroom sorted as it had become a dumping ground for everything! Washing would get folded but then put on the bed and then onto the floor before bed. So now everything is put away and I even went through my draws and got rid of all my clothes that are to big.

It has stayed like it for over a week now which is great. Amazing how much nicer it is to go to bed with a room that is organised. It is also so much easier to keep tidy now that everything is put away and I have less clothes in my cupboard. I also have been making my bed everyday. This is huge for me! It is something I have never done as my theory was always no one ever sees it so what's the point. But I think it helps to keep it tidy if the bed is made for some reason.

The next room I have tackled is Amelia's bedroom. It is one of those rooms that I never spend any time in except for changing nappies and putting her to bed. I also desperately needed to go through her draws and get rid of the clothes that are too small. I also moved her room around a bit so that there is a bit more room and she can finally have some of her toys in her room. I also finally put some pictures up on her wall. I need to get a few more hooks so I can finish decorating but for now it is a huge improvement.

So whilst I have been having a great time getting the house in order I seem to have lost my willpower when it comes to food!!!! I have been making cupcakes and slices for hockey in the last few weeks. As well as making piklets and things for the kids after school. On Saturday I made a huge Apple Crumble for sweets after hockey. Apple Crumble is my ALL time favourite. We brought home 3/4 of the crumble. Not a good thing when you are watching what you eat!! I have also eaten the odd cupcake and licked the odd bowl.

I know that you can't deprive yourself of all these things as it makes the craving worse. But when you have roast pork including lots of crackling and gravy, followed by apple crumble it really doesn't help in the whole weight loss plan. I think I just got a bit excited by last weeks weigh in and now it's time to get back into watching what I eat.

Fingers crossed seeding will be finished today which will mean I will be able to exercise more regularly as hubby will be home at a reasonable hour! I have really missed going for runs. Not something I ever thought I would say!!

We are off to playgroup this morning to have cupcakes for Amelia's birthday. She is 2 tomorrow so she is having her cake with friend today. Hope you all have a great day and I will be back tomorrow with my weigh in results and a post dedicated to the birthday girl.

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