Thursday, 17 January 2013

Week two results

I have had another great week. I started my circuit training which I am loving. I broke my record for the plank. I held it for 40sec. My goal is to hold it for a minute.

This week I lost .5kg! (I am going away so decided to weigh in a day early) Which I am really happy with. I think my 1.5kg last week was part of my body going into shock. But happy with a total loss of 2kgs after two weeks.

I still haven't had a Diet Coke! Which I think I am more proud of then the weight loss. It hasn't been easy and has taken a lot of will power. It doesn't seem to be getting easier. I am wondering if I have just one it will be ok.

We are off to the coast for the weekend and this usually means a weekend of drinking and eating. I am hoping that I can have some self control and not undo all my hard work. I am hoping lots of walking, swimming, playing with the kids and making the right food choices will help this. 

Does this happen to anyone else?? How come it takes a couple of weeks to lose 2kg but only 2 days to put it back on??

Not that this will happen this weekend. I AM NOT GOING TO LET IT!!!!!!

Next week I will post about my trip to the Hypnotist for weight loss.

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  1. Oh, looking forward to hearing about the trip to the hypnotherapist. Have often wondered about it as a possibility.

    Great work on the circuit, planking and the loss. And... the no-diet coke. I am an addict (yes, I'll admit it!!!).