Friday, 11 January 2013

Here's the plan........

Ok so here is where it starts my first blog!!!..................................

I am beginning a transformation in 2013. I am going to drop a few dress sizes and lots of kg whilst getting healthy and fit. My main goal is to be a size 10 - 12 by Christmas this year. I have tried every diet there is with limited sucess.  The easy quick fixes DON'T WORK!!! I have finally worked out the only thing to do is do it the hard way.  I live on a farm in rural WA so there in no gym, personal trainer, personal chef or meetings. So I am going to go back to the good old eat less exercise more!!! I know it will be a long hard road but I am ready and with the support of my wonderful husband, family & friends I can do it!!

Along with this I am getting my house and garden under control this year. We have been here almost 3 years and I feel like we haven't really settled into the house yet. we live in a great old farm house which has 3 big bedroom and 2 huge lounge rooms but unfortunately no storage!!

So here's the plan -
I have set myself weekly to do lists. Which includes housework and work out routines. At the end of each month when I have completed these things I will give myself a reward such as getting my hair done, spending a day in Perth on my own, going to the movies. That sort of thing.

This is this weeks list
  • Start C25k
  • Clean and organise the big kids room
  • Wash & put away all the clothes
  • Work out strength training routine
  • No Diet Coke
So far I have done 3 of the things on the list and am part way through the other 2. So bring on weigh in tomorrow. Not brave enough to share my weight at the moment but will let you know how much I lose each week. Saturday is my weigh in day. Fingers Crossed xo


  1. Nikki looks like a great plan! Goodluck - wish I could give up the Coke!

  2. Good for you! Slow and steady will win the race, grow new habits and cement your learnings with the program. Good luck!