Sunday, 20 January 2013

Surviving a weekend away

We went to the beach for the weekend and I have to say we had a fantastic time. Great weather, great friends, great beach what more could you want?

I have to say I was nervous about going as usually a weekend like this would mean lots of drinking and eating thing I shouldn't. I told myself I wouldn't spend the whole weekend worrying about what I was eating and drinking. I would be miserable and what would be the point of going if I wasn't going to enjoy it. So instead I was just more aware of my food, drink & exercise.

I did indulge we had fish & chips, drinks, nibbles & chips. But I was always aware of how much I was having. I did have Diet Coke. And to be honest it was great! I had one a day. We went to a friend place for drinks Saturday evening I didn't want to drink beer the whole time as I was trying to be good. I took one can of DC with me to have. I need to find something to drink when I'm out other then water so I don't feel like I am depriving myself.

We did do a lots of swimming and whilst the kids were playing on the beach and in the water with hubby. I took the opportunity to go for a walk along the beach. It was great and I felt much better afterwards, I also did some walking in the water which was a real work out for my legs. (I could really feel it)

This morning I stood on the scales to see what damage I had done........................I had only put on 100grams. So lesson learnt I can have a weekend with a few indulgences as long as I don't go overboard and do some exercise. And now I am back on track.

I have also just signed up for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT challenge. I am looking forward to letting you know how it is going.

Happy Monday Everyone.


  1. Hey nikki! Best thing we got for Christmas was a soda stream!!! I love fizzy drinks send it was reaally starting to show send cause bloating from all the sugar now I just majestic the Soda water and add my favorite fruit juice cordial, generally bicfords lemon barley which is made from natural ingredients and it's like having a cool drink without the negatives and it hydrates more!! And it's cost effective too - Kara x

    1. Few spelling errors hope you can decipher!!! Blaming the new phone!!