Wednesday, 23 January 2013

I have been hypnotised!!!!

I had heard about many different stories about Hypnotism for weight loss. I had looked into one that takes you through the gastric bypass operation but it required several sessions and was quite expensive. So when my Mum called to say they had someone coming to her small country town to do a session on weight loss and it was going to be a fraction of the price I jumped at the Chance.

Off I went with an open mind and my Mum to see Matthew Hale. The room was full of women who varied in size and also varied in their belief that it would work and we wouldn't all walk out clucking like chickens at random moments. (which I am happy to report didn't happen)

He was great! He spoke about how our portion sizes have grown over the last umpteen years. Also about the simple calories in vs calories out. Everything he said made sense and a lot of it I had heard before but for some reason the way he put it made me think about it more.

Now we weren't hypnotised the entire time. We did two small visualisations. One where we had to visualise our favourite meal from entree through to desert including drinks I have to tell you I was sitting there thinking I needed to undo the top button on my jeans just 'seeing' all that food, chicken parma, apple crumble & ice cream..........................

Funny afterwards Mum and I were discussing our meals and drinks. Her drink was 2 glasses of wine. Mine was 2 beers, 2 glasses of wine & 2 bourbons. Which is how a good night out for me would go. Although there would be more bourbons and some great dancing after dinner. But that's another story.

The session ended with being hypnotised for about 20minutes. It was very relaxing and comfortable. I thought I would be sitting there the whole time telling myself to relax, go with it. But I didn't need to worry. Matthew had me completely relaxed and feeling confident that this would work.

We were given a 'workbook' and CD to take home. There is a plan to do for 30 days which includes weighing yourself every day, eating only half of your meals & listening the the CD among other things.

The only problem with all this was that we did it on the 18th of December!! Really smart. However I started before we went on holidays. Whilst on holidays I will admit it went out the window a bit. I mean who can only eat half a great Chicken Parma at the pub??? However once I came home I was back into it. I listen to the CD and drift off a bit. But then at random moments in the day Matthews voice enters my head. Telling me to 'be confident' and other great things. Which goes to show it is getting through to my subconscious. Now if only he can put into my subconscious to stop shopping online................................

So I am about half way through the 30days and already I have noticed changes. Like I only have one slice of toast for breakfast and I'm not hungry until lunch time. As you have seen the weight is coming off which encourages me to stick with it.

Here is his website check him out if your interested. I have not been paid in anyway to write this story but I have asked for permission from Matthew.

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