Friday, 9 August 2013

Before pics of a different kind.

When you play a sport that usually takes up one day every weekend for a few months you make the most of the weekends when you are lucky enough to have a bye. We have a bye this weekend and I had made plans to go and watch a my bestie play hockey. This was going to be a long overdue visit which would cover a multitude of things
A, Watch great hockey (my old team)
B, The kids would all get to see eachother
C, It's her babies 2nd birthday on Sunday
D, We would get to catch up. Of course we all know this was the real reason for the visit.

However.........a two weeks ago Mum said that they would come over for the weekend and help us get our garden sorted. How could I say no to that??? We have lived here for just over 3yrs and it is long overdue. I have tried roses in the past but neglected them & the rabbits had a lovely feed. About the only thing I have managed to plant and keep alive are some Geraldton Waxes & 4 Frangipani's in pots.And of course the lawn & weeds.

So this is what we are up against!!! This will be turned into garden beds with 11 rose bushes. We also have some fruit trees to plant. The plan is to then slowly add to the garden and have it looking great for Christmas time when all my family will be here.

Here is an update on our little veggie garden. We have flowers on the peas and broccoli starting to grow! The kids are very excited. We also have herbs sprouting and carrots growing.

That is what I will be upto this weekend. Along with a run both mornings to make up for the lack of hockey. Saturday morning will be a 10k with hills. Sunday morning not too sure yet.

Hope everyone else has a productive or relaxing weekend. I will post up the after pics next week. Fingers crossed for some big changes and not too many sore muscles.

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