Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I am officially over weight and I am stoked!!

Today's weigh in has seen me hit a new milestone. I am officially not obese anymore according to my BMI. (Body Mass Index) I am now in the over weight range!! And when I hit my goal weight of 70kg I will be healthy. Only 14.5kg to go!!

To celebrate I went shopping today to buy my 20kg reward. New running shoes!!! I have only ever bought shoes either because they look pretty or for a specific sport like hockey & netball. Other then when I have had my brother has been there to help me fit them I have always only had a pimply faced teenager who really doesn't know much more then I do about what I need and want.

So after hearing so many rave reviews I went the The Running Centre in West Perth today. I normally would have been intimidated going into a place like this. But as soon as I walked all my apprehension left. I had great help from a lady who was great but I unfortunately didn't get her name. She was young, fit and great! She was very understanding and reassuring. After a quick chat about what sort of running and how much running I am doing they measured my feet. Turns out my left foot is a full size bigger then my right foot. Who would have thought.

Now here come the funny bit I had to run on a treadmill, barefoot, in my jeans. Which would have been ok but my jeans are now a little loose and I didn't have the best bra on!!! Luckily I only had to run for 30 seconds and that they only record your feet otherwise it would have made a great youtube video!!

They sit down and show you the vision of your ankles. Apparently mine are very strong and straight when I run. I tried on 2 pairs of shoes and as much as I wanted to buy the darker pair as they would be more practical purely for keeping them clean on my muddy tracks! I went with the prettier ones which were a wider fit. Even my feet are fat!

And here they are!! 
They are so comfy I didn't want to take them off!! I wanted to go for a run there and then. I was so distracted I nearly walked out of the shop with my jeans still rolled up! 

I did some other shopping today. I had to stop myself from reaching for the larger sizes. It has always been my first instinct and it is a hard one to change. Everything I bought today was a size 14. Well except my shoe's they were a 10&1/2 WOOHOO!!! Most things fit some are a little more snug then others. I even brought bathers & boardies. But I won't be sharing that pic any time soon. 

Here are this weeks stats
Weekly loss 900grams
Round 3 12WBT -900grams
Total Loss 22.2kg 
7.8kg until I can book in my body scan. 

This is post is in no way a sponsored post. It is purely written based on my experience at The Running Centre today. 

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  1. Congratulations on being overweight!! ;-). Love it. I was overweight then I dipped back into Obese again, grrrrrr, working hard to turn that around. Loving the running shoes. It was the best thing I did getting fitted for my shoes from Athletes Foot. They took such care and I love mine. Go you! You will fly!! And yes, they are pretty.