Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses.....

Days that look like this are always full of excuses for me. I can't possibly go running because it's too cold, wet, slippery etc. Also another good excuse I have is that I am too busy. Not so much that I am too busy but more so that I am too busy at the times I am able to go running. Let me explain....

During the day whilst my two older kids are at school all day I still have a 2yr old at home. She is very cute and I love being home with her but not exactly young enough to sit in a pram for an hour or so and go for a run. And definitely not old enough to leave at home. I have tried going into the local oval so that she can play in the playground while I run laps but she is not into that at all.

Hubby comes home for lunch most days. And generally he is home for an hour. Perfect time for me to go running. Except lately he has only been coming home for short spurts as he is spraying or spreading or something. (clearly I'm a good farmers wife who tunes out when he starts talking farming)

He gets home from work at around 5pm. Which gives me about an hour of daylight to go for a run. However Monday nights I have netball. Tuesday nights are Lochie's football training which we don't get home from until 6pm, Wednesday nights are Molly's dancing not home until 6pm & Thursday nights are hockey training. So I get a work out then. And mornings are too dark and cold at the moment. I have to be home by 7am for him to go to work and I am scared of the dark so running in the dark isn't for me.

All of these are EXCUSES for not working out or running. We are now training 2 nights a week for hockey so Monday, Tuesday & Thursday nights I am exercising. That leaves Wednesdays as my major excuse day. Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays are all good I can make them work. So what to do on Wednesdays.......

Well today I had a realisation that running isn't the only form of exercise and there are plenty of things around the house I can do either while bugalugs is sleeping or with her joining in.
Here are my old friends who are my new Wednesday work out buddies. I was using these at the start of the year before I discovered running. Actually they may even become my everyday work out buddies. I will get a bit more sorted over the next few days putting together a bit of a circuit. But for today here is what I did....

60 squats
45sec plank
40 what I call pass overs. (laying on my back passing the ball from behind my head to my ankles & back again.) Hope that makes sense. I am not a big fan of sit ups or crunches as I can't really do them very well.
50 leg squeezes
40 bicep curls.

I may not have gone for a run but at least I did something. Like I said I will put together a proper circuit including some cardio with skipping and running around my verandah. But for today I just wanted to GET IT DONE. I was all motivated after finishing the vacuuming. I was already working up a sweat so I figured I may as well keep going. If anyone has any tips or exercise suggestions I would love to hear them.

So here are this weeks weigh in results.
Weekly Loss .5kg
Total Loss 21.2kg
I have worked out my reward for my next 10kg. I am going to have a body scan done. These show you all your body fat and muscle. You also have a consultation to see how to remove the fat and build muscles in the areas that need work.

I am hoping to go shopping for my new shoes next weekend!!!

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  1. Youtube is your friend if you need a motivator! Just search our for Jillian Michaels or the like (I know you've done the Michelle Bridges 12 Week program, there are workout clips on there also). I love the Jillian 30 day shred videos, I don't do them for the 30 days, its just my rainy day workout and I always get some inspiration for some new moves or a reminder about a stretch I should be doing.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Pc-NizMgg8 - is the first Shred Video. I watched it at work the first time and thought "oh easy" and then I went home and did it that night. OMG...