Monday, 14 October 2013

Reality Check!!

So over the last week I have share pics of how far I have come and I am extremely proud of that. But I have also realised how far I have to go. For the past almost 3 months I have stayed around the 85kg mark. I have gone up and down within a kilo from week to week.

I know I have said this a few times over the last few months but it really is time to 'pull my finger out'. And what better reminder then when clothes are a little or a lot too tight. Whilst on holidays I bought 2 pairs of 3/4 denim pants. Both size 14. One from Jay Jays and the other from Target. I bought them both with out trying them on.

I got the Jay Jays ones first. I have never really shopped in the store before. It was one of those shops that a bigger person avoids. So I got back to the camper and tried them on.......there was lots of jumping, jiggling, squeezing, sucking in etc. Which lead to a cake top. Not just a muffin top but you know when you over fill a cake tin and it goes everywhere when it's baking. Actually it was probably more like a soft serve ice cream on a hot day. You know when it melts all over the sides. OK enough food references. You get the idea. In my head apart from being disappointed I told myself that they must have small sizes in that shop.

Then on the way home I got a second pair from Target. And again didn't try them on but quite confidently bought a size 14. Got home to try them on and same thing....jiggling, jumping, squeezing etc. And another overflowing ice cream.

I now have 2 pairs of pants I need to try and fit into. Also of the 4 pairs of shorts I bought from Jeanswest a few months ago only 2 pairs fit comfortably.

I had a LOT of road blocks and excuses over the last few months but the road from here to Christmas is looking pretty good. And with the warmer weather comes more salads and fresh yummy summer fruit. It also means hotter weather for runs and snakes but I am not going to look for reasons/ excuses I am going to just do it.

Hubby has also been told by the Dr he needs to lose at least 10kg. So he is now motivated and even got up at 5:30am to go for a bike ride. It will definitely make meals times much easier and motivate me to make healthier more exciting meals. There were a few old habits creeping back in like my love of pasta. Which was OK when I had hockey training twice a week plus a game plus netball plus running. But not so flash when you sit on you bum and find every excuse in the book not to go running.

POP that was the sound of finger being pulled out!! No more excuses and when I feel like snacking or not going for a run I am going to try on those shorts that don't quite fit to remind me I don't want to have ice cream overflowing down the cone and down my arms making them sticky.


  1. Nikki the pants at JayJays are so small! The tops are ok. You may have not lost weight over the last few months but do you think you have toned or lost centremetres. I find that I had plateued over winter but back into again now.

  2. Honestly we are leading parallel lives. I'm back at 85kg and have hovered between 82.3 (that was when I hit 30kg loss) and 85 since May (I got to exactly 30kg loss at the May finale). So I feel like I've mucked about for 5 months. Infuriating. And I know we're not alone, there are others all around the same weight finding it hard to jump over that barrier to the 70's. We can do this. I'm so motivated now it's day light saving again. Time to hear that pop, and it's not champagne corks!!