Sunday, 20 October 2013

Learning to listen....

Since starting this whole process I am noticing a lot of changes and not just to my waistline. I am starting to notice the different ways that certain food affect my body. This is something that was probably always there but because I was eating/ drinking it all the time I didn't notice. Also my body is not used to these food anymore so when I have them it goes a bit crazy.

Whilst on holidays I had a bit of a blow out one day when I ate 4 rather large slices of a Jubilee Twist. This one of my favourite things to eat. And of course each slice had a big slab of margarine on it. I love it while I was eating it. I can't lie it was very yummy. However...... about an hour later my tummy was not loving it so much. I felt bloated and sick. I had frequent trips to the loo. Which when you are in a caravan park is not fun. Made even worse by a 5yr old girl who wants to come with you every time and has no issues asking you what you are doing, in detail!!!

Then on Saturday I took my 2 older kids to Perth to watch a movie and then we did some shopping. Of course a 7yr old boy would rather be anywhere but at a shopping centre on a Saturday doing food shopping with his mum & sister!! Which of course made it such an enjoyable stress free time for me. My vision of having kids who were just so excited and thankful to be taken to Perth to the movies was crushed and trampled on. Not too sure why I was thinking one trip to the movies was somehow going to change them.

 I was tired and very over it. So I whilst I was getting them their promised take away for lunch I got a wrap, chips & Diet Coke. I was over it, in a hurry and it was raining. These are my excuses. Not reasons EXCUSES!!!! About an hour later and half way home my tummy again starting telling me there are no excuses and it decided to punish me for my bad choices. Lets just say I am very thankful that there are nice new public toilets in a tiny little town we drive through. And I am thankful they were empty as I again had my lovely inquisitive 5yr old asking me why I was taking so long and what was I doing.

So for the rest of the trip home in between sorting out the fights in the back seat & answering five million questions. I was giving myself a right royal telling off!!!! I have had a crappy week. Since Wednesday morning I have not been able to stop eating. I have not exercised. I have been a VERY grumpy mum. I have been a cranky wife. Basically I have had PMS. It's not something that affects every month but this month it did. Big time!!!

Where to now?????? Well starting with the basics no more soft drinks, more meal planning, no more picking off the kids plates and no more excuses. I started a new routine this morning, early run/walk followed by listening the the hypnotist recording then ready to start the day in the right frame of mind. I feel a bit like a broken record these last few posts. I slip up then I talk about getting back on track. I slip up then I talk about getting back on track etc etc etc. I won't say this will be the last time you hear me say it but hopefully it's the last time for a while.

Monday morning run + Kale chips 
= New routine and new recipes

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  1. I think you are onto something Nikki for sure. I honestly thing we drugged ourselves with food previously, so much so that we were comatose and well you know the drill, you would eat until you didn't taste it, it was merely the act of eating (or was that just me the way I could shovel in a whole family block of chocolate in one sitting). I think the thing with us getting fitter and healthier is that good healthy food tastes so delicious, we have a cleansed palate and can really taste the food. Likewise when it upsets our stomach. Good for you for recognising that. As for the Kale Chips ... pass! LOL