Sunday, 13 October 2013

Before & in-between pics.

After my holiday post the other day I had a few request for before & after pics. These before pics I wasn't going to share. But after hubby's comments the other day about seeing how far I had come I thought I would bite the bullet and share.

But these aren't before and after pics. These are before and nearly there pics. Still a bit of a way to go but a nice reminder of how far I have come in 10 months.

Just a bit of fun after the depressing task of taking before pics. 

I promise enough of the bragging through pics. Back to normal posts after this. 


  1. Hi Nikki, I just wanted to say how inspiring you really are, you don't know me but I am so proud of you, fantastic photos too :-)

    1. Opps sorry I meant to put my name to that :-) Kathy :-) :-)

  2. ROCK STAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't like using the word "after" pics as do we ever really get there? As in even maintenance is maintenance, it's not really "after". You look absolutely freaking amazing girl.